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Great experience with Design Contest. Customer service was wonderful and the level of competency from the designers were high end. I will return to them and work with them in the future and refer them to all who are looking for logo design.

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Winning design #65 by manubelpa, Logo Design for Studio Lux Images Contest
Gold Medal

designed by manubelpa

Project description

Photography studio specializing in portraits, professional business head shots and musicians. Glitzy and glamorous. Appeal to males and females. High fashion. Flowing and smooth rather than pokey and sharp edges. Sparkles. Please do not use the word photography in the logo. I am needing the words Studio Lux Images to be readable and want to use it as a png or watermark for images put online. With colors of gold, silver, black and white. LUX means light. Art deco. 1920s?

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  • STUDIO LUX #78
  • STUDIO LUX #77
  • Hello and Thank you for your rating. Is there any modifications you'd like to see on this design . I tried to make it look as a wordmark as you wanted but I wasn't too sure about size between word "studio" and "lux". Anyway , Let me kow and feel free to ask for variations . Thank you. #29

    And in the meantime see #66 as mockup of this design.
  • Hello. Thanks for the rating. I now submit a new design utilising the art deco influence intentionally, following your mention of it in the brief. I hope you like this layout and provide any feedback you deem necessary. Thanks! #65
  • Hello, I now submit a third design. I hope it is what you are looking for, please give me any feedback you consider necessary. Thanks! #52
  • Hello, I now submit a second design. I hope you like it, please give me any feedback you consider necessary. Thank you. #51
  • Hello, this is my design, I hope it appeals to you and is close to what you need. Please give any necessary feedback. Thanks! #50
  • hi Ch, Thank you so much for the rating. please check this new entry with some variation of the design. hope you like it. your feedback is greatly appreciated. thanks and cheers :) kind regards Junifer #47
  • Hi CH, I have submitted entry #44 . I'm ready for your feedback and suggestions. Thank you.
  • Check please #42
  • Hello CH i have just submitted #39 & #40 Any feedback would be great. Thank you
  • Need Studio Lux Images to be read/seen.
    • If I could make it more readable and add the word studio, would this design be something you might consider?

    • I think I like the more readable LUX in the black background. Lux is pretty important. I need this to appeal to men and women. Not too feminine. And I will use as a png so the black background won't work. Don't like the camera.

    • Sorry. I am just noticing it needs to have the word "images," not photography.

    • Sure, I'll change that right now and post again in a couple of minutes. Thanks!

    • Ok. Just entered #6. Please let me know what you think and if there are any changes you would like to see. Thanks again!

    • Is there anything further you would like changed in my entry #6 and also do you have a preference between the two color versions. Thank You!

    • I like the black letters over the gold. The face is too animated and wide.

    • Ok thank you for the feedback. I will try to fix the face to your liking and post a revision soon.

    • Hi again, I just posted #15. I changed the face and am also showing how the design would look on black and white backgrounds. Please let me know if this is any better and if there are any changes you would like to see. Thank again!

  • I just submitted entry #7 , let me know if there are any changes you would like to see. Best regards! /fredrikw
  • Thank you for the feedback. I just submitted entry #4 based on your comments. I included two different color versions. Please let me know if this is any better and if there are any other changes you would like to see. Thank You!
  • Hi, Please let me know if design #2 or #3 is any better. Thank you!
  • I like what you've got going on here with the text. I would love to see it without the box of shooting stars above and see if you could add a star for the dot of the "i" in studio and add another cluster or star either around the tail (bottom) of the capitol "S" in studio or somewhere else.
    • Somehow I have managed to make your last submission disappear. Can you submit your latest work again. Thanks, Sally

    • Hello CH, My newest entry has been rated by you with 1 point so it went up to the beginning of the list. If you click on the number here -> #21 you should be able to see it. Please refresh the page and let me know if you still can't find it - I'll upload it again then. Best regards, Iridith

    • You are right. And it deserves more than 1 point. I am new to this and still learning how to maneuver within the site/contest. I see it in the list now. Thank you!

  • Hello, I have submitted #16 and demonstrated the "light" in your logo by making the lens a moon and star. Let me know what you think! Thanks.
  • Any way I could see what it would look like if the two heads were facing in rather than out?
  • Can I see it with the word images instead of the photography?
    • Hi CH, please check my new entry #12, i replaced the photography with images. thank you :)