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Winning design #104 by mehsugeh, Logo Design for Studio Pi Contest
Gold Medal

designed by mehsugeh

Project description

We want to make a "brand" for to photographers that will work with the same costumers, in the same studio but will have there own companies. Today each photographer has his own companiename. "PidJin" and "PictPro" (That's why we come up with the name "Studio Pi", both companiename starts with "Pi". We don't need the logos of the original companies implemented but the names as "subtitels". "PidJin & PictPro" or "PictPro and Pidjin" whatever order is beneficial for the logo. 

Maby (not a must) you could play around with the fact that "Pi" is in the brand? "Eternal figures"...3,14159265359... Not at alla needed but if you could implement it or the Pi-sympol in a cool way it would maybe be something that people remember. But first of all, we are photographers. Mostly portraits but we do food, products and some filming as well. 

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  • About #104, @mehsugeh Great... Lets see how I announce the winner then ;)
  • Is this the same font as in #103 but it looks different? We like how this looks and we could have a winner here but we want to make sure that its more "round" than #103. #104
    • @john19 it uses the same font. I use Charlevoix Pro font, this font has round corners no sharp corners. I hope my design can represent your photography company. thanks

    • @mehsugeh But the letters (Specially the "o") looks more round on #104 than in #103 and we like the font with a bit mor "rounded" letters.

    • @john19 This is because the background is not flat so it looks a little different when it uses the same font, please see entry #21 to see the font round shape with a flat background. Thanks

  • Simple... #123
  • From the symbols S and Pi came the bird. She is posing. #101
  • From the symbols S and Pi came the bird. She is posing. #99
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  • hello,
    What do you think of this design. Is this a direction you would like to pursue?
    I would however recommend dropping the subtitle; it makes the logo stand out and more memorable. #6