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Winning design #78 by gogi71, Logo Design for style by whit Contest
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designed by gogi71

Project description

I want a clean logo and design.  I am open to colors but prefer something with grays incorporated and do not want overly feminine colors (no soft pinks or purples for example).  I want to stay away from red/oranges.  I don't want a lot of busyness like scrolls.  My business is home style and simplification of home and organization.  Although it doesn't have to be this way, I would like to see options with all letters in lower case.

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  • About #78, @gogi71 sounds good!
  • About #78, @gogi71 - OK. One last question. If I needed another logo done that says SOLD instead of STYLE, in the exact same script just like this one, how much would that cost?
  • @withney_sroujy
    Hi !
    #76 , #77
    Sincerely , Cezar , @ArtAct
  • please check it and feedback #69
  • please check it and feedback #68
  • please check it and feedback #67
  • This is my second concept, Miss. I hope you like it. Thank you :) #65
  • This is my first concept, Miss. I hope you like it. Thank you :) #61
  • this page may help you in your decision-making:
  • About #19, @dianayu - I love this one, but can you make the by whit just a bit larger?
  • About #6, @anggel - I love this font. Need to make the "by whit" bigger but lower case. also, need to see if you can incorporate a house somehow.
  • Dear Sir
    please check it. hope you like. Thanks #13
  • About #4, @CKS -

    I like the font a lot- but would like to see the Y elongated a bit. Not in love with the house.
  • Maybe something a little more stylish like it's handwriting.
  • please guide me to right direction, thanks #3
  • Design is pretty good but I'd like to see a different font choice #1