Styled. By Deepi is great. I will definitely be having more contests to get graphic designs for my business!

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Winning design #38 by binkula, Logo Design for Styled. By Deepi Contest
Gold Medal

designed by binkula

Project description

I need a logo for my personal shopping and wardrobe styling services. The name of the company is "Styled. By Deepi" The period after the Styled. represents how easy it is to be stylish and how much easier one's life would be if one were to use my (Deepi's) services. I want a logo that represents sophistication, style, and is still youthful and trendy. I want it to be streamlined and easy...kind of like the service I provide. Feel free to add a picture if you think it adds to your design. Other colors I like are teal.

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  • CH, please take a look at my logo for You #54. Thank You.
  • Dear CH, please review my designs and give me your feedback. Thanks
  • Hi there, I was just wondering if it is possible to make this a blind contest ? Thank you
  • Can you make By Deepi in black inside the hanger? Thanks. Also, I liked the twinkle on the S that you had in another design.
  • Hi, I uploaded the modified designs. Thank you very much for the comments! Rocky30
  • The detail on Styled is gorgeous. I like this variation of the bag also! Can you make my name stand out a little more on the bag? Also, please add a period after Styled. Can you make the bag a little more square or rectangular, i.e. not so wide at the bottom? Looks fantastic!
  • This looks really sleek and clean. Beautiful! Can you incorporate By Deepi into the outline of the hanger? Also Styled needs a period after it like this: Styled. By Deepi
  • I like the By Deepi font on #33. Can you add to this one?
  • I love the black! Can I see the tag with maybe some printed letters for By Deepi just for comparison?
  • Oh this font is so much better! Can you give me some different color variations like Styled. in black with the pink tag? Also, a cleaner or more feminine font for By Deepi? Thanks - looks great!
  • I like the font and the By Deepi part. It needs a period after Styled. The only thing is that the silhouette is a bit too sexy. I want the silhouette to look young but sophisticated.
  • I like the bling effect but the white part across the lettering may not come across well on business cards and such. Can you modify that part? The By Deepi part - can you put it in some sort of icon like a shopping bag, price tag, etc.? If you have any other ideas, feel free to submit.
  • I want more of a subtle graphic, either a silhouette or maybe an outline of something related to shopping, fashion, getting dressed up, etc.
  • I like the idea of this but don't love the DS part. Can you give me something different in the circle? Fashion-related silhouettes, pictures, etc?
  • See same comments for #22
  • I really like the font and colors. Can you give me a silhouette that is a little more fashionable, sexy, etc?
  • A few things: I like the font of Styled but it needs a period after it like "Styled." Can you make the "By Deepi" a little more feminine? Also, could you incorporate a graphic or some fashion-related picture in the logo? Thanks!
  • Oh that is so clever!! Love the tag. Can you give me some variations on the font? Maybe a little more cursive or fluid? Great job!
  • I like this font a lot. Can you incorporate a picture or silhouette of something fashion-related.
  • Could you make the font more cursive/calligraphy? I really want something more feminine. Also not a fan of using the SD as a logo. My initials are actually DS if you can make the S inside the D or something. Really, I would prefer to see a fashion-related picture inside the circle. Thanks!