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Dony was great he took everything we said on board and came up with a design we liked!

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Winning design #161 by Donyfajar, Logo Design for Stylish Outdoors Logo Design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Donyfajar

Project description

Design a logo for use on online and potential retail store. We will be selling high quality modern outdoor furniture in Australia. Our website and trading name will be Stylish Outdoors. Logo to also be used on all marketing material for example business cards, invoices etc. Colours we would be interested in are: black, dark blue, burnt orange, pewter & bold red. A mixture of or just any of those individual colours could be used.

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  • Hi there #10 is my first idea. if you want me to adjust anything then please let me know. many thanks. A
  • Dear CH.. so what is your product line type can you please explain it to me.. and what do you want in the logo in your product line..? thanks & regards Javed
  • Hi, thanks for your designs but they are not relevant to our product line.
  • Hi, thanks for your designs but they are not relevant to our product line.
  • Hi, thanks for your designs but they are not relevant to our product line.
  • Hi, thanks for your designs but they are not relevant to our product line.
  • About #7, #8 & #9 Dear CH These are my entries Hope You like it any feedback will be great Thanks & Regards Javed
  • Thanks for your entry but there are too many similarities to number 5 entry.
  • Appreciate the "support" offer Matt and will definitely keep it in mind. If you have any ideas with symbols we're more than happy to look at them but like the colours and the nice clean lines as well as the contrast in font with this one!! Thanks Nick & Penny
  • That's great to hear...and don't think about the right format or the right color or anything. The base is the most important and all the changes you would like to have after competition, would be a pleasure for me. Won some other contests here and with each Contestholder I give some "AfterContest-Support", like we two (or three) did this at the moment together! Will think up about other designs...are you sure, that you just want Type and no Symbol or anything? Greez matt
  • Hi Matt Perfect!! This one's on our shortlist!! If you think of any other variations (amending both fonts and colours) feel free to enter them but we're both very happy with this one!!
  • Maybe you like something without serifs and thin lined.
  • Hi Matt I hope this last lot of feedback helps further!! Please see comment on your latest design. Thanks!
  • And by the are right. Looks much better than the first entry.
  • Outdoors still looks too blocky. Like the contrast though. Can you please refine further? Thanks again!
  • Did a new entry...that's what I understand with"classy and refined" that in your mind?
  • Maybe you like this Type...or if not, you could maybe give some advise, link or something that i get the matching type in your opinin. Thanks matt
  • Thanks for the quick changes - Stylish can remain as is but even less happy with OUTDOORS in this image. More refined and classy if that helps???
  • Thanks for your entry!! Please remove "picture". Also, writing is too "blockish". Many thanks again!
  • Entry 1 - cyanmatt - thank you for entering. Could you please: 1. Correct spelling of STYLISH 2. Change font (and remove shading) from OUTDOORS. 3. Change colour of OUTDOORS to one of the colours preferred (possible the charcoal?) Thanks again!