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gave me a ton of designs and am ultimately really happy with my new logo

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Winning design #1036 by amalina2010, Logo Design for Sullivan Lawn Care Contest
Gold Medal

designed by amalina2010

Project description

Lawn care company mostly focused on mowing services but also provides tree and bush trimming. I probably want to focus on the mowing part but would be open to incorporating other landscaping into the logo

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  • Could we use the backgrounds from 1036 but use this logo? If so I would like to make you my winner Congrats! #1014
    • @blake_sullivan5
      can sir, I will use the background of # 1036 using the # 1014 logo

  • Sullivan Lawn Care Logo #1040
  • PLEAS CEK SIR #1031
  • You stole amalina2010 concept . I will report you
  • yes i will give you without circle also
  • Sullivan Lawn Care Logo #1016
  • Sullivan Lawn Care Logo #1013
  • Sullivan Lawn Care Logo #1012
  • can we make one that is the same but also with one that doesnt have the circle so that I can use it for cover photos etc #685
  • Could we make one the same way but then also have one that i could use for a cover photo etc that doesnt have the circle around it? #998
  • Hello. I am a designer with more than 6 years experience. Maybe this logo suits you. using only two colors. very simple

  • hello, maybe this logo suits you. with a green combination that symbolizes grass or leaves cut by white lines #995
  • This is my design i hope you like it thanks #984
  • Sullivan Lawn Care Logo #981
  • next #978
  • i have idea concept like this... #977
  • Hoe you like it! #925
  • another concept #924
  • hi, CH ... I created a simple logo from the initials of your company
    name, where the letter "L" represents tree and bush trimming, thank you #923
  • Hope you like it! #920