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Winning design #85 by aljeanrey1986, Logo Design for SunWorks Contest
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designed by aljeanrey1986

Project description

I am looking for a logo design for my company SunWorks. We are a solar installation contractor based. I am looking for a design that is modern and corporate. The design should be crisp, soft, assertive and clean. Typical renewable energy company logo colors are green, yellow and orange. I am not opposed to these although I am open to new color schemes as well if it can convey the company image appropriately. Being that most of our firm is comprised of management, I would like our logo to express that corporate, organized, established look without seeming overbearing or aggressive.

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  • #3 I also like the font and different weights you have selected. The design wrapping the company name is an interesting perspective as well. I'm torn because the linear shape of the design makes it look very modern and corporate. For some reason when I look at it I think spiderweb which associates a feeling of enclosure and being stuck. Perhaps there is way to adjust this design.
    • Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate it. I have done done something very similar #12, but now, you will not see the spider. I hope so :)

    • I like the new design alot. Can you play with a few different color schemes for the design and font? I like the contrasting colors on design #2 but I'm not sure if it would work with your design. Looks great though!

    • Egner, thank you so much for your creativity and continuous efforts. I enjoy your designs a lot! I have another contest running for "Ryan Parker Construction Company". I hope to see your designs on that project as well.

  • Hi guys, I have increased the prize amount and will do so as long as the idea's and designs keep coming. My company is very personal to me and I appreciate all of your design work. Thanks,
  • #7 This is a better design and flow for the font. The sun is more abstract, which I like, I'm not not to excited about the development of the "S" inside of it though. It looks more artistic than corporate. Also, I would like to see the sun without the points around the edge.
    • Hi, thank you very much for the feedback and for rating. Please see my new entry #9. Awaiting for your feedback. Thank you!

    • I have attached some example designs in my brief. These are just examples to help but an idea out there. I'm really looking forward to your creative designs.

  • #6 Thank you for your submission. I would prefer to stay away from a straight sun. If I were to incorporate a sun into the logo, I would like it to be more abstract. I would also like the font to flow more fluid.
  • #4 I do enjoy your logo although it feels more artistic than corporate. I am trying to project an image of modern, conservative yet edgy like Apple.
  • #1 Your design is a bit large and more simple. The design is considerably bigger than the company name which I feel is distracting and overpowering.
  • #2 I really like the font and color & contrasting for the company name. I also like the shadow effect underneath the emblem. However I don't feel the emblem/design is the right look. I don't like the way the emblem/design is broken. Perhaps a 3d sphere of sorts may look more edgy and modern.
  • CH, Good day to you! I am writing regarding my recently submitted design #42. Here I chose to use a similar color scheme of those you are fond of and also incorporated an abstract shape which internally shows a continuous arrow shape to signify renewable energy. I look forward to any feedback you may have to offer. Thanks! Dina :)
    • Hi Dina- I really like your design. I think you pretty much nailed everything I was looking for! The only concern I have is there seems to be some hazy, fuzzy, distortion around the logo and font. Is it just me? Will you take a look at this? Besides that I think your design is perfect! Thanks!

    • Im so glad!! Im not sure why you are seeing it that way. Looks perfect on this end! maybe its the way its being viewed as JPEG because the file is clear as day. Hmmmmm...Ill see what I can do though for you. Maybe I will submit it larger so it will be clearer. stand by. :)

    • I agree. Maybe try it as a PNG?

    • good idea! Just submitted in PNG for you. See if its any better. Like I mentioned its clear as can be on my end.

    • I do hope the PNG file was able to be viewed nice and clear. Please feel free to let me know of any changes or updates you may like to see. Thank you Dina

    • It is a lot better. One thing, could you make the shadow solid like #50? Also, just for comparison can you do one mock up with the design at the start, rather than top of the company name. Thanks Dina!

    • Awesome! Check out #61. Here you will see all requested updates. :) Im here if ya need me. Awaiting your advice if you see fit. ;) thanks again! Dina

    • #62 A lot better. Didnt like the placement of "sunworks" in vertical logo with icon to left. was way off. Now it is better in my newest revision. :) Thanks!

    • I'm trying to see the difference between #61 & # 62….

    • Rotate the yellow a bit counterclockwise or move it to the right just slight coz it's a little bit off. Just helping.

    • You got it! Btw...difference between #61 and #62 is I lowered the text on #62 to match the shadow of the icon. In 61 it was a bit too high and made no sense. haha! I will rotate the yellow for you now. thanks!!

    • That is so sweet of you aljeanrey! Thanks a bunch. Its a pleasure working beside another talented designer. :)

  • #27 I like your design. I'd like to see some different fonts if possible.
    • Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you like it. My latest design is simple 3D, clean and iconic design too for renewable energy of the sun. It cais in png too. I've changed few of the design's font. I would like to know what you think about it. Again, thanks!=)

  • #25 I like this design. Specifically I like the font, design and shading under the "o". The colors and gradient are strong. I would like to see what you could do with a color scheme like #17 if possible.
  • regards, I focused on the iconic design of the logo for you, solar panels with gradient transitions in it, I think it's a good start! I am open to color, this is an example of a variation of colors-the first of my own ideas that came to my mind, I hope you will like and that is not too aggressive :) Everything works well, except for the yellow icon #20,#21,#22 and #23. Sincerely, krisdesign
    • Thank you for your submission. I am not crazy about designs in a box. Also I would like to keep the company name only as "SunWorks". The gradient name is a little too colorful.

  • #66 Would you add a shadow to this design? If so, please show it… If not, why not?
    • Submitted #69 for the reflections and shadow effects. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it a lot.

    • looking good. I would adjust the scale of the reflection though...looks squished? Keep it same size as normal text. :)

    • Appreciate the help!=) Can we be designer buddies? hehe... Please check #70, I'm out of entries allowed.... =(

    • It appears we are designer buddies already! ;) Your designs are looking good.

    • Can we communicate in the "DC Forum" page, anywhere in "Hangout"? Just Create Designer Buddies! =)

    • OK. Ill go create it now. meet ya over there.... :)

    • Alieanrey we are leaning toward #66. We don't think the reflection or shadows look natural, more forced (our fault). We would like to see one more design difference. Could you show #66 with a color and font difference like #63? Preferably the "Sun" in black and the "works" in green. We are not looking for you to use the exact fonts as #63, just similar criteria. We should be able to make our decision after this.

    • thanks for the feedback! I'll submit the modified design shortly.

    • |--|

      aljeanrey1986 {*wrote*}:
      thanks for the feedback! I'll submit the modified design shortly.
      |--| oops! I forgot I've reached my upload limits. I was about to upload the design. Just ask DC how can i submit the entry you requested from my design. Thanks!

    • Will do. Thanks.

  • Haha... This last round (day or two) of logos are making it near impossible to make a decision. You all are doing such a great job!!
    • Thanks! Also please keep in mind that whomever you do choose as your winner you do have an extra 7 days with the designer for adjustment of the logo. :) That may help you a bit. Dina

    • We intend to please the client no matter what. This is a good competition of contest coz every designer has totally different designs and make the highest quality possible. Good Luck choosing the winner. Let us know what you want to see so you can see whose design you're company's in to... Thanks!=)

    • @ thereeds92 & Alijeanrey1986 I really enjoyed working with both of you. You both have great designs and are very helpful. I have another contest running for our General Contracting company "Ryan Parker Construction Company". I hope to see you both work on that project.

  • GJR
    You cannot use stock/clipart in your logo designs. The file supplied in the brief is for reference only.
  • Dear CH, to let designer add extra entries please rate designer's entries 30+
    • They have all been rated. Please allow additional entries.

    • Check my entry #85. Let me know if the revision works. Thanks for rating my designs, you didn't have to rate them so generously. Thanks CH!

  • Hello CH, any feedback on my first entry #74? Thanks :)
    • Hi JeeJones- Thank you for your logo. The design is very mechanical and simple in respects that it truly looks like solar panels layed over a sun. I do enjoy simple but I'm looking more for a soft, modern, assertive corporate feel with an abstract look. The font selection isn't bad but I'm not sure how I feel about the black and white gradient.

  • Hi CH, I just submitted my first entry #77. I would appreciate if you can share your feedback. Thanks!
    • Hi EcoDesigns - I appreciate your submission, thank you. For the design we are looking for something more abstract. For the font, we are looking for something less technical and more fluid.

  • Good morning! Just wondering if you may have any feedback on my latest #68? I made the changes you asked for. If you see any other changes you would like to see, feel free to let me know. :) Thanks! Dina
    • Good morning! I did see your revisions and they look great! Collectively our company chose aljeanrey's design but yours was at the top of our list. Thank you so much for taking the time to work with us on your designs. We have another contest running for our construction company Ryan Parker. We would love to see your designs on that. Thanks again!