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Winning design #17 by acid, Logo Design for SUPER NERDS computer repair Contest
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designed by acid

Project description

Need exciting logo featuring action hero character - character should be more on cartoon/humorous side, rather than comic book/serious. Colors are red/white/black. Logo should include character and "SuperNerds" text. MORE INFO ON CHARACTER - want character to be "flying at you" - like the wordgirl sample file - emphasis on face - biggest element of character. Character should be: 1. boy 2.. young 3. smiling 4. flying at your 5. fist forward 6. blond hair 7. red mask OR nered glasses OR mask with tape OR some combination that works. 8. logo on chest is "NERD"

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  • tk1
    would want text to be more "super" looking / more exciting. same with character....emphasize super not nerd
  • tk1
    logo image is not obvious - many would wonder what it is - - need it to be more light / playful - cartoon character preferred
  • tk1
    character/ text need to be more proportional - not so much for the "comic book" look - more cartoony wanted. A kid hero type character - nickelodeon / timmy turner-looking?
  • tk1
    prefer to have character, if not then has to be superior combination of nerd/hero image...i see what you're going for, some might not "get it" though
  • Hi there, I've just submitted #2, but on my side the image seems to be a broken link. Let me know if you are having the same problems and I'll upload it again?? If you can see it, then I look forward to you feedback.
  • tk1
    thank you for your submission
  • tk1
    we like the 5b text look more powerful, heroic
  • tk1
    LIKE THE lettering
    • Glad to hear it. Could you comment on what you would like changed about the character? Thank you.

    • tk1

      the entry 10, 11, 12 is much closer to what i'd like on the character. would like to see that character less nerdy , more "cool" with nerd clark kent

    • Would you like it to remain a kid; young... Or would you prefer it be more adult, closer to Clark Kent?

    • tk1

      KID..i only metnioned clark kent because he looked cool, but had nerd glasses

  • I made a few minor changes to #13 on the font, and the super hero.
  • tk1
    this character is closest to what we want. to make it ideal, it would be less of nerd, more of cool looking kid, big smile, and just some nerd glasses - like clark kent.
  • Are there any changes you would like to see made to #10, #11, or #12?
  • CH, i've uploaded #8, please let me know your feedback. Thank you.
  • I hope I am not late... Check out my superhero at #31 Thank you!