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Winning design #159 by huma, Logo Design for Superlative Computers & Technology Contest
Gold Medal

designed by huma

Project description

We are a small, all round technology firm. We do everything from building computers/servers to virus removal, domain administration, full home theatre, networking, mobile devices, data recovery and backup. If the client asks for something to be achieved we will see if it's possible and how to do it, then it's up to the client to decided if it's viable.

I am ideally after something modern and unique (but not unique for its own sake). My favorite upload is the apocalyptix design. If you could make the logo similar to this it would be fantastic. Reference image.

I am attracted to intelligent design (see one and up logos).

Design MUST be clean, infer what you will.

I enjoy minimal design

I won't accept text only designs unless it has been customised and could be used as a logo by itself.

Tagline might be the definition of superlative.
"adj. of the highest quality or degree"

Will mainly be used on a white or very light background but a version that works on dark would also be appreciated.

I like material design and the use of subtle shadows and layering.

Sorry if this all seems a bit demanding but I would prefer you know what my tastes are so you can then tailor and customise. Most are suggestions and I'm willing to look at anything that's well designed. 

Please don't feel constricted by my guidelines.

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  • This seems a bit unoriginal and not what we're after #242
  • Nice design but I don't think the tails suit it #243
  • Nice idea and execution but this is a bit plain fit what we're after. #234
  • About #231, @Graphicsss very creative and well executed but I don't think this is what we're looking for.
  • Of all the entries out there, this is the only one with a clear “S” symbol that complements your business, in almost like 3D representation. I don’t know why would someone use “A” as symbol for “Superlative” or a plain square cut in half? #223
    • @Jammer I didn't say that I wanted an a logo. In fact I said that if you used lettering that I wanted it heavily modified. Thanks for your entries but your services won't be needed.

    • @sup3rlativ3 Well good luck http://man...thank you for the feedback...

  • ...this gives it an almost 3D effects... #224
  • About #221, @Asiong19 phase stop submitting this design.
  • I would like to see more like this. Could you also please show me what this would look like embossed in paper and frosted on glass, thanks. #192
    • About #192, @sup3rlativ3 Sure. Now you can see my entry #220. Emboss in paper (below) and frosted on glass (above). Hope you like it. Thank you.

  • About #207, @Asiong19 very nice. I feel like the grey areas don't match the rest of the logo. I'm interested in seeing how you could modify this though.
    • @sup3rlativ3 thanks for the feedback, currently working for some modifications i'll upload it later

  • Could you please show me done more designs like this. #203
  • This is a nice looking design butt please read the brief as this didn't follow it. #202
  • Very nice effort but not what I'm after sorry #193
  • About #202, comprehensive and very easy to remember...
  • an arrow pointing upward a symbol of being superlative, supreme quality above all... #202
  • Another very nice design but I don't think the logo is what I'm after. #175
    • @sup3rlativ3 Dear ch, thanks assessment #175, if you have any suggestions please Tell me, I will make the appropriate make up your suggestions, greetings ...

  • About #179, @maxx a nice design but I don't feel it suits our brand.
  • If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask them and I will respond as quickly as I can.
  • A nice design but this doesn't seem very modern or unique to me. #166
  • hi contest holder, please have a look at negative and positive both spaces. thank you. #171
    • @iRishi Media Thanks for your entries. I feel you either didn't read the brief and comments or didn't understand as the logo was not what I was after. Thanks again for trying though.

  • I'm after a flat and modern logo. Have a look at the top designs and you'll see the type of thing I mean. This logo makes me think of the Japanese flag. #162