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Winning design #185 by lovespongebob1, Logo Design for SuperPerf Radiant Barrier by Contest
Gold Medal

designed by lovespongebob1

Project description

Our main website is  We sell heavyweight radiant barrier foil insulation.  There are typically two different install methods:  Staple up to the bottom of the rafters and laying out directly on TOP of the existing attic insulation.  Our current product is "perforated" which means it has tiny holes to allow water vapor to pass through.  However in some circumstances the small pin holes do not provide enough ability to allow all the water vapor to pass through witch can cause moisture retention problems.  

Our NEW product is "SuperPerf Radiant Barrier by"

It is basically the same product except instead of tiny pinholes, it has small holes that are punched.  See Pictures. This allows more moisture to pass through.

This logo will be used on the website, and will have custom stickers to be put on the rolls of foil.

I would like to visually show how the punched foil allows moisture to pass through more easily.

Probably a two color horizontal format. This is where this product will be added and highlighted: AtticFoil Products Page

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  • About #161, @ed12 Any further changings you want?
    • @lovespongebob1 Can I see a version with the words "Radiant Barrier" a little larger?

    • @ed12 Check #185 and #198 for the changing. Thanks

    • @lovespongebob1 hey! This is fun! Good luck to both of us! :)

    • @tjgraphics I know right! Best of luck! May the better one wins! :)

    • @lovespongebob1 Nice designs by the way :)

    • @tjgraphics So are yours! :) That's why we are competing.

    • @lovespongebob1 :) :) :)

  • "RADIANT BARRIER" all caps :) #207
  • simple, clean and dynamic design. I hope you like it :) #169
  • I hope you like it. Thanks. #167
  • Can I see this with a darker blue and the logo smaller compare to the text? #142
    • About #142, @ed12 Sure. Please check #161 and #163 . Thanks

  • @ed12 #159
  • @ed12 #158
  • @ed12 #157
  • I hope you like it. Thanks. #150
  • @ed12 #138 #139
    Simple and clear logo which serve as an instant reminder of company and product.. Waiting for feedback #138
  • @ed12 #141 Please share your thoughts. I have tried a simple design to focus on the product (radiant barrier for home) and its main feature (punched foil allows more moisture to pass) #141
  • @ed12 #142
  • @ed12 #137
  • please give your feedback #135
  • @ed12 #134
  • how about this sir #133
  • @ed12 What do you think? #132
  • We like this. Can you change the blue to a darker blue to match our logo? Also, fix spelling to Take out "k" and upper case F. Can you make the text a little larger compared to the logo? #82
  • Can I see this with the grey part in darker blue with smaller holes (about 1/3 smaller holes) and change the "Perf" to a darker blue. #79
  • how about this sir? #113