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Winning design #32 by QUANG, Logo Design for Surgical Assistant Group needs impressive logo Contest
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designed by QUANG

Project description

Our surgical world consists of stainless steel and light blue paper drapes. So Blue and Silver. We are under surgical lamps for the duration of the procedure. The logo could be within a triple light lamp that is round with the ASA present. That is just one possible idea. and two possible colors. Not closed minded to other ideas and colors. Impress me. Dazzle me.

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  • ASA
    This is nice. Thank you. I like how the ASA is read right to left. Can you think of anything else to do to it
  • ASA
    This is nice. Thank you. I like how the ASA is read right to left. Can you think of anything else to do to it
  • #20 Vertical icon with horizontal text, for visual interest and depth. It is clean and sharp, without a lot of extraneous effects, in keeping with the medical theme.
  • icon symbolizing unity between member surgeons in a reformation of the 3 lights in surgery rooms, icon can be used alone and is distinctive on printing! hope you like it!
  • try to improve #38
  • A new concept.
  • Would love to know your opinion about this idea? thank you.
  • ASA
    The partners like this one, but are asking for a less cartoonish light but well liked
  • A new modification.
  • Revision of #34 Thank you for rating and feedback. Hope this design likes at partners too. lights little higher, and centered the A . now the top A is middle to S, and bottom S to middle A , giving a more triangle shape to ASA
  • ASA
    I like this one. Maybe a little higher with the lights and the horizontal line on the A more Centered. but this is good. Showing the partners
  • Revision of #27 Version 2 of #34 I made the lights circles bigger and give a triangle perspective
  • Revision #27 In this font the middle A is at the bottom To join middle A with bottom 's has to change font. I will change the font if the joint is necessary Bring up the lights, give a triangle look to ASA. I will sent another version of this logo with perspective.
  • You can see the triple light lamp inside the letters.
  • ASA
    Can you bring the lights up a little and tighten up the ASA logo in a triangle look where bottom of S joins the middle of the A's
  • Dear Contest Holder This is my tree point light entry. If its to complicate with to 2 lighters , other variations could be done, as revisions. I hope you like it. Best Regards Zisis
  • dear CH, i had posted my entry #65, i had made it simple and clean, and with a black color to make it corporate feel... the icon represent three light strokes and the surgery light lamp... thank you!!
  • Dear Contest Holder, Thank you for your time and finalization. I just submitted the winning design. Please review all files and let me know if you have any modification. All the best to your business. Thanks and Regards. QUANG