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I had a good experience with Design Contest. The support team was very responsive any time I had questions. The designers were eager to produce multiple revisions. And I was grateful that I could take my time in making a decision. I also like that I can work independently with the designer after the contest if I need to have additional revisions.

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Winning design #39 by margus, Logo Design for Surgical Residency Logo Design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by margus

Project description

We would like to develop a logo for the Phoenix Integrated Surgical Residency program. People viewing this logo will range from patients, residency candidates, medical students, hospital administrators, and other physicians. Here are the requirements: 1. It must prominently feature the organization name: "Phoenix Integrated Surgical Residency". 2. It must have a clean, modern, professional feel. 3. It must tie in the Arizona flag. This can be a creative interpretation of the star/stripes, etc. This should not be prominent ... but rather backstage to the name of the organization. For an example, see: 4. The themes we want to convey are educational excellence and compassionate patient care. 5. Must be able to use logo in color, reversed out, and black and white. 6. It should not have scalpels, blood, or other gory surgery connotations. We are open to positive connotations related to surgery, if fitting. 7. Designer must provide vector art file in .eps, .psd, or .ai file with description of colors and fonts used. 8. Color palette will be blue (Hex #0f354b), red (Hex #660000) and tan (Hex #e9e3cc). These are just suggestions. Similar colors ideas are welcome. File should allow for manipulation of color should that change in the future. 9. Logo must scale well so that it can be used on large items like banners and small items like business cards. Any questions? Please just ask. Note: If you visit the web site ( for more information, do not use that design as influence for the logo. We are currently re-designing the entire site.

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  • Hello ch, I made a design based around the Arizona flag, while still keeping your company's name large and in a clean font. If you have any suggestions on how I can make this design fit your company better I would love to continue working with this logo! Enjoy
  • Hi there CH, thanks for the feedback. I changed my logo and came up with 3 different variations #15 #16 #19 Thank you!
  • Thank you for the feedback CH! #17 #18 Iwent ahead and made the changes you requested. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!
  • dear CH, I submit new logo different with #9. It is purely modification of Arizona flag. thanks
  • dear CH, Thank you very much for feedback. The concept of this logo is a combination between a phoenix bird and arizona flag.Actually it was not diamond but the head of a phoenix bird with wings that I use the color of the flag as identity the name PHOENIX. And the star in above, it means represents a bright, shining point in your company so that I save on it.
  • thanks for the feed back ch, changed.
  • Please see my feedback on #4. Thanks!
  • I really like the medical emphasis in this logo however I think it might be a little too detailed for scalability. Could you simplify the design elements a bit and put more emphasis on the name of the program? Thanks!
  • I like the concept however I find the font a little hard to read. The emphasis should be on the name of the program more than the symbols. Can you adjust it so that the text is more prominent? Thanks!
  • Please see my comments on the color version of this logo. Thanks!
  • I like the font and the use of rays in this logo but the emphasis on the flag is really not what we're looking for. Could you utilize something more medical-related instead of the flag?
  • I like this concept. Clean, simple and easily scalable. Can you show me what it would look like on a dark background (i.e. with colors reversed out). Thanks!
  • I like this concept. Clean, simple and easily scalable. Can you show me what it would look like on a dark background (i.e. with colors reversed out). Thanks!
  • I like this concept. Could you tell me what your though process was behind the diamond shape between the rays and the text was?
  • I really like this concept. Can you make the "surgical residency" text stand out more than the "phoenix integrated"? As it is now, the phoenix integrated seems more prominent. Thanks!
  • I like this concept. Can you tell me what the shape below the rays (sort of like a diamond) stands for or what your thought process was behind that?
  • #26 feedback please thanks ;)
  • Hi, I'm glad you like it! I'll work on those today and submit the reversed out designs later on tonight. Thanks, Altair
  • A mix of the logo shown in the website and the flag
  • hello Ch please check 36 and 37