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Winning design #15 by zounds, Logo Design for SurveyPro Contest
Gold Medal

designed by zounds

Project description

SurveyPro -------------------------------------------------------------------------- All Designers: The last day is upon us. Please note that the highest rated design/s in our contest may not necessarily become the winner. Our intention with the rating system was to steer you in the right direction with your future endeavors, it is not a leaderboard. We will not be eliminating any designs so you get the points you deserve even if you don't rank well. (some were eliminated very early, they ignored the brief and designed for the wrong profession). At the moment we are certain the winner will come from the top 40 or 50 designs, but I will not indulge you any further. Good luck with the final day. Kind Regards. C & D. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE FREE FOR ALL IS ON! If you want to stick with the original brief, by all means do so it is still attached below, but from now until the end of this contest you may use any colours, fonts or arrangements or effects you desire in the effort to create what ever you think is better than anything we have seen already this week. You can: Transition colours from pink to green or gold to blue. Use what ever colour or colour effects you desire. Use funky fonts like a comic sans, old English or typewriter & scripts. but YOU MUST: Maintain within the field of Surveying not the act of conducting a survey if using symbols, otherwise don't use a symbol and make it plain fancy text that looks good. Use the word "SurveyPro" or "Survey Pro". Not use area defining symbols. (as per the original brief). Symbols to try: A circle with a triangle inside it (corners of triangle touch the circle), North points - We have only seen a couple of entries and would love to see more. Try a red & white even though the original brief says not too, if you wish. THE ORIGINAL BRIEF: Develop a logo for a new Brisbane based Surveying firm that is ready to launch now. MANDATORY: Must contain the word "SurveyPro" or "Survey Pro". NOT MANDATORY, BUT YOU CAN ADOPT: You can underline or place "SurveyPro" in a border. Symbols or shapes can be useful but they must be associated with Surveying i.e. equilateral triangle, same with stadia hairs, circles with stadia hairs (research stadia hairs, they are different to crosshairs and come in many forms). YOU MUST NOT: Confuse Surveying with the act of conducting a survey. Surveyors provide spatial data and analysis not ask people questions and ponder the results for a while. Use a "Q", "Qld" or other area defining abbreviations &/or symbols. SurveyPro is Based in Brisbane, Queensland but we are not limited there, we will provide our services to Australia and the world if necessary so we do not want our logo to have any limiting factors eg. factors that may deter a potential client from New South Wales because they thought we only worked in Queensland based on a great big "Q" right in the middle of our company image. Use what is known in surveying as a "red & white" as any part of your creation. You can research this but it is basically a square version of the BMW logo but red instead of blue. (2 red squares & 2 white squares). TONE OF LOGO: To present SurveyPro as a professional business. Modern, sharp text/font & crisp images (if used). As a general rule, if I approach a client or engineer in the field and he/she takes a snap look at me then looks away again, I want them to have seen the logo on my breast pocket and immediately recognise it without necessarilly reading it. They saw the "SurveyPro" image and knew it. COLOURS: A maximum of 2 colours can be used NOT including grey-scales, black or white. Use: Blues, greens, grey-scales and/or oranges. I can't see orange going well with blue or green. We like the orange and grey that are shown in the brief, but the grey and orange listed below are a prefered combination even over blues and/or greens: H160,S0,L52.R55,B55,G55 H160,S240,L111.R236,B95,G0 (colour codes obtained from MS Paint). Bright/Fluoro colours are NOT allowed we will accept a fluoro green, neither are pinks and purples. Your creation needs to work on a white background as well as black. Final logo to be provided in colour. You will be advised of formats at competitions close. FONTS: You can use fonts that are not strictly limited to a Times New Roman style block/neat formats, you can use a more relaxed font like a comic sans as long as it works with the overall product. You can use itallics or bold fonts, you could use a bold font for colour variations. You can use one colour for "Survey" and another for "Pro". Feel free to venture beyond the font list of the basic windows environment. You may also place the text in a boarder/s. Do not use fonts that are outlandishly wild like a Gothic or old fashioned fonts that look like they came straight out of a dot matrix of the 1980's Do not use Scriptive texts or shadow effects. USES: The logo will be used in various print and digital mediums as well as uniforms and vehicle signage. Print will include but not be limited to business cards, letterheads, signage, flyers, education material, vehicles, uniforms and advertising. Digital uses will include websites, social media, advertising, email and electronic newsletters. The logo needs be a minimum height of 2.5cm. ABOUT THE COMPANY: SurveyPro provide surveying services to the greater south east Queensland, but as mentioned before, our services are not limited to Brisbane. Surveyors use theodolites or GPS instruments to position roads, bridges, buildings, lot boundaries and any other structure. Our business has no limiting factors for our areas of expertise, but we primarilly work on roads and buildings. We are also not limited to one brand/provider for our equipment and have adopted to utilize the best of everyone. We primarily use Trimble and Leica instruments at SurveyPro but we will use other brands if their instruments ever make the grade. Our Surveyors are university educated and we provide accurate data ALL the time. It is the responsibility of a Surveyor to help civil and construction crews build they're structures correctly and to the designed specifications. QUERIES: All queries will be responded to ASAP, the best form of contact is this website. I will provide all my feedback signing off with a "C" and my business partner will sign off with a "D".

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  • Hello contest holder, I have submitted entries #5, #6 & #7 & #8 representing 4 different visual interpretation of your brief. By the way, i find your brief very thoroughly, and that is very important for us better understanding the business. Feedback is much appreciated, in order to improve or change direction of the design. Kind regards,
    • Your work is looking nice #5 is looking good, as stated above it would be good if you could try a different colour scheme on #5. Personally i'm not liking the green very much. (D not C) and we are considering our logo being on a dark background i.e. dark gray Cheers D

    • Submitted #29 with the different color scheme - orange/gray. And i went with a more modern font here. Let me know what you think. Thank you!

    • Hi Bogdanpopam: C here. Yeah I think I like this scheme better, looks amazing.

  • Bogdanpopam: This is a beautiful piece that you have created, a VERY recognizable design. It fits the brief very well. Can you flip blacks & whites so I can see how this will work with a black background please? Thank you. C.
    • Hello, Thank you for your feedback. I have submitted entries #23, #24 and #25. The first entry is a version on dark background, the second and third are two small presentations with the logo vertically and horizontally displayed, and with small black and white thumbnails. Bogdan,

  • c.
    • No problem, every feedback helps. I've submitted #19 and #21 before I saw your comment, I'll try a different direction now.

  • Bogdanpopam: I will start with the positive, I like the text "Professional Land Surveying". with regards to #7 & #8, both myself and D. were once employed by a company that had a logo that looked almost exactly like these, their name "Land Surveys". I Do VERY much like their logo and yours but I think we might be crossing ethical boundaries if we implemented a logo like theirs. I am sorry to have not mentioned this in the brief. We have 25 years of employment behind us and if I listed everything about our surveying history, the brief would have been a lot longer. I will list previous employers to help all designers with this: Land Surveys, Survey21, Vekta, SJC Surveys, Robinson Surveys, H&F Surveys formerly Hard & Forester, Rose Atkins & assoc, ESO Surveyors, RPS Group. Regards. C.
  • Operhal: I can't decide if I like 1 & 2. I like #1, but is there another shape you can use as a tick/v. Script was listed as a do not font in the brief, but thank you for being brave enough to try some, your "pro" looks nice and is still a legible piece of text and I like it, perhaps D. can help with some feedback when he is next online. #2. I like "pro" like this, we played with our logo ideas a lot and this was something I used myself a bit, but I am not won on the "E", sorry. Thank you for your work. C.
  • hi ch why r u rating in grades , u can rate our design by rating points
    • Amdi/all deigners: I will provide rating points after discussing each piece with my business partner, sorry but it is very early in the morning so we have not had time for this yet, it will come, sorry for the delay. Thanks. C.

  • Zounds: 15, 16 & 17 look great, thanks for the speedy changes. Nice work. C.
  • All Designers: I have invited my business partner to provide feedback on your work also, he will sign his feedback with D. as I have done in the past with the C.
  • Zounds: 12 is as 13, I like this piece but just not happy with the dark yellow, sorry. C.
    • both colors orange and gray are now correct, i´m sorry about that. submited. thank you

  • Contestlover: I am sorry but this is not applicable to the brief. Speech balloons do not suggest towards our Surveying industry, this implies we conduct surveys i.e. ask questions and ponder the results, this is not what we do. Please try again. C.
  • Zounds: Can you change this dark yellow to the orange coded in the brief please? I would like to see how this piece looks in the preferred orange. Nice work. C.
    • Dear ch, thank you for your feedback, submit in 10 minutes. thank you

  • Pozil: It will be difficult to create a piece I can like combining orange with blue or green, I am sorry but the scheme is not as aesthetically pleasing as blue & green or orange & grey. Sorry mate. C.
  • Hi, I've just submitted a design, would you be so kind and give it some feedback? It would be greatly appreciated! Thank you:)
  • Please read brief as to the definition of survey
    • I have done a New design again, but unable to Upload it since my Upload limit is over. See if you can give me another access where I can share you the designs. Looking forward for your reply. Thanks again

  • Graphman: Can you try another font too please, we discussed your chosen font and it's not to our liking. A similar alternative to your chosen font would be #41. D prefers all upper case letters, I am not fussed. Thanks. C.
    • |--|

      cmg2121 {*wrote*}:
      Graphman: Can you try another font too please, we discussed your chosen font and it's not to our liking. A similar alternative to your chosen font would be #41. D prefers all upper case letters, I am not fussed. Thanks. C.
      |--| Hi C, I took your suggestions, and made the adjustments. I also added some new layouts. #76, #77, #78, #79. Thanks.

  • Zounds: Both D and i agree, this and #15 are amoung our favorites at the moment, hence the points you have received for them. Can you reproduce these together please but with the following amendments to #16? Image & text to remain the same. White background to remain also. Take the shape of the grey background from #15 and put it behind #16 as a border, about the same point count as the text in thickness. Please only use that shape as a border and maintain the white background from your original design. This will basically create a negative of #15. Thank you for your assistance. Regards. C.
    • Dear Ch, submited 2 versions to compare, one with border grey and another with border orange, thank you , regards

    • Exactly what I was after, thank you.

  • All Designers: I will leave all current entries in contention to win this competition, but any future pieces that are a blatant duplication of another designers work will be automatically eliminated. C.
  • A quick question: Is the like button under each entry for me or is that for you to rate your peers work? Thanks. C
    • I think anyone can use it with their social network account, i'm personally never use it before Regards

  • All Designers: Just some more input for further avenues you might want to try. The following descriptions are common surveying symbols for field or drafting use. Circle with an equilateral triangle inside it (corners touch the circle) = State Survey Mark Equilateral triangle (usually around a nail or screw) = Survey Station. Circle with another circle inside, smaller circle is half diameter and shaded = Permanant Survey Mark. North Points: North points come in many shapes and variations, to help identify these, you can search north points in google along with AutoCAD or plan/map. This will help you find what you are looking for. I hope this helps. C.
  • Idanism: These designs are nice but please try to stay near the design brief description of orange and not yellow. I am liking your work though, sharp, clear and not too busy. Thank you. C.
    • Thank you very much for your feedback, Got it now, i will try to tweak it soon, and upload it. :) Best regards,