Susie's Sinnamon Rolls needs Nice Logo for Labels, Business Cards, Stationery and Website

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Winning design #134 by istride, Logo Design for Susie's Sinnamon Rolls needs Nice Logo for Labels, Business Cards, Stationery and Website Contest
Gold Medal

designed by istride

Project description

A nice, professional, fun, and inviting logo that I can use on a website, business cards, labels for my cinnamon rolls, stationery, etc....

I would like to the words "sinnfully delectable" to be worked into the logo.

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  • About #30 and #31 ; Dear contest holder, Thank you for your feedback and I'm glad you like it. I've submitted 2 different version to give a "gooey" effect. But also I wanted to show you the different colors and different fonts. According to your feedback, I can combine and/or change the font, color, cinnamon rolls you prefer from different versions. Thank you
  • Sinnamon Rolls are spelled with an "s" rather than a "c" because they are "sinfully" good (and sinfully indulgent - nearly 1 pound of butter in each pan of one dozen)! ;-)
  • I've edited #22 with your requested changes--see #29. I've changed the color palette so it's slightly warmer and matches with your caramel-y rolls. The colors also have a vintage/50s feel with the coral and seafoam colors that were popular then. Hopefully this is what you had in mind. Let me know if you'd like to see any other changes. Thank you!
  • May i ask why there Cinnamon is spelt with an S? Is this your last name by chance?
  • Hi, Sorry that wasn't clear! I meant the font was a bit on the slim side, color is fine :-)
  • About #7�� Susie, Thank your for responding to the uploaded logos, but you mentioned the font being to light? Did you mean as far as the legibility? too thin?
  • No problem, quick is good and service is even more important. I have given you another option based on your comment regarding the riboon. Let me know if you want to see any other changes.
  • Thanks for the quick changes!
  • Failed to mention that these are gooey caramel rolls (not frosted). Is there any chance that you could make that kind of adjustment. Also not completely sure of the colors, but not sure what would look good with the browner topping.
  • Hi prefer this one over #12 and #20 as I don't make a mini cinnamon roll. I also failed to mention in my brief that they are caramel or caramel pecan rolls rather than frosted (I just changed it in the brief)
  • I should have specified that they are caramel cinnamon rolls, not frosted - my fault! They are gooey. The font seems a bit light to me.
  • Design 26, i have made adjustments to the size of the things and have remade the roll. I will make the change to red and make the icing a brown carmel colour. Thanks for the feedback. I think it looks great and shows the homemade feel.
  • I like both 9 and 10. Is there any chance you could add a "gooey" effect as the rolls are caramel or caramel pecan rolls (which I should have specified in the brief)
  • I like the character, any chance I could see it in red? Will likely be on a light background.
  • About 9 and 10: I like them both, the ribbon makes me think of the winning ribbons they've gotten at the County Fair for the last couple of years. Is there any way to add a gooey caramel effect? I don't frost my rolls - they are caramel or Caramel Pecan (which I maybe should have mentioned int the brief).
  • Dear CH, About #24 & #25 I tried my best at creating the 'smell' effect for you. Hope you like it. Thanks, Estelle
  • CH, Just added #23, with an improved cinnamon roll design with regards to my last 3 entries.
  • Susie, i love the confidence....send some buns my way lol....Is this going on a light or dark background?
  • Dear Contest Holder, Please check #9 #10 I've submitted two different version to show different colors and fonts. I tried to avoid any shading, gradient or shadow except cinnamon rolls but if you prefer I can submit another version without gradient & shadow Thank yiu
  • I don't think the writing shows up very well and there isn't much that conveys anything visual about cinnamon rolls.