Sustainable Elements Inc.

A great service pulling in great talent. The most difficult part about this process was trying to figure out which of the submissions to pick!


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Winning design #60 by yjoleane, Logo Design for Sustainable Elements Inc. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by yjoleane

Project description

We are an environmental data management and sustainability consulting firm looking for a fresh look...we are open to either a new logo or something derived from our existing one. We like the elements of water and air and the ginkgo leaf in our current logo but feel that the execution is out of date. The logo should be clean, modern, and fresh. Recognizable simplicity. We're open to colors but don't want to be overwhelmed and have a preference for blues and greens.

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  • like the wave concept, but the logo needs to be sharper and with a bit more realism and edge. font is to thick.
  • good start. Need the leaf be a ginko leaf (refer to our old logo)
  • Like what your doing here. We definetly prefer more of a forest green like your original posting (this green is too yellow). 'INC.' should be removed (see comments to everyone). Also want a more delicate/thinner typeface
  • This is also a really interesting approach with the leaf. The water drop needs more work to look more natural/real. Also interested in seeing what you could do to give it a bit more of a 3D effect
  • we really like the what you did with this one!...especially the leaf..would you be willing to use the same overall concept but try something different with the water feels a bit too feminine
  • like the new look but the entire company name needs to be the same size and the typeface names to be less bold
  • thanks for your submission. It feels a bit to industrial javascript:void(0)
  • good attempt but to complex. thanks!
  • great attempt, however is too complex
  • Could you make the typeface for 'Sustainable' the same as 'Elements'. We like the graphic, but would like something with more realism (eg a real water drop)
  • Really like the graphic! We prefer the typeface used for the "Elements Inc" section. Also can omit the "Inc." Thanks!
  • Hi all! Thanks for the submissions so far. Just a quick note regarding the business name, neither word in the name needs to be emphasized (capped) over the other, both words feel of equal emphasis for us. Also, we probably don't need to include the 'Inc' portion, Sustainable Elements alone is fine. Thanks again!
  • Dear Sir I am out of submissions. you had not rated yet my design. If you need changes I can give you after winner selection.
  • Try wrapping the ginkgo leaf around the water drop instead of the green leaf you have wrapping around it currently
    • Thanks Sir I will soon submit the desire changes. and what do you mean company name should be caps letter.

    • The company name should all be the same typeface and size. Capitalize the first letter of each word.

    • Dear Sir I had submit the desire changes. ginkgo leaf wrapped around the water drop. Please see and let me know.

    • looks good. "Sustainable Elements" needs to all be the same size text.. refer to submission #31

  • Like this. Could you remove the green area to the right of the ginkgo leaf and extend the ginkgo leaf stem around the blue area so that it touches the narrow green area below the blue area. We like your style... Feel free to try something totally different without a leaf
  • And the company name should be all the same font a size. Remove the 'INC'
  • Liking this... Can you use the font you used in your original submission
  • Also the green area of the circle looks like a leaf... The only leaf indulge logo should be the ginkgo leaf.
  • Nice simplicity.
  • Thanks for something new....this is really good. Not sure I like the position of the leaf . Please remove the 'inc.' and keep the company all the same size