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Project description

Neighborhood pharmacy specializing in specialty compounds (hormone replacement, veterinary, pediatric dosing etc). Sweetgrass is a local grass that is used in Charleston, SC to make baskets. This is a start up business and I need a logo that will last for decades. This logo will be used on everything from storefront signage to prescription bottles to business cards. I want it to have a neighborhood friendly feel but also appear luxurious. My target customers are ages 35-65.

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  • This looks great. Could you make the G lowercase and increase the font of "pharmacy and compounding"?
    • Hi CH I will of course, i'll get right on that and post it for you, thank you. Peter.

  • Hi CH wait for feedback and rating on #10,11 & #12, thanks
  • Love this one, just worried it may look like a dollar sign ($). Can you use this same concept but alter it so it looks less like $?
    • good morning Maam Cynthia.. Thank you for the great feedback about my design.. i uploaded revised design of my entry.. Thank You Maam..

  • this reminds me of a sweetgrass bastket...which I love. Could you incorporate brown in to it instead of 2 shades of green?
  • Hi CH, #57 is there for your consideration with the changes that you asked me for. Thanks, Peter.
  • Looks great. Can you change the font on the working and do place an & sign instead of and. Also, how about making the circle around the S look more like a sweetgrass basket??
    • good evening CH.. draft #65 is latest design.. Thank you for the great message CH...

  • I like the concept but do not like the colors. Can you re submit with more natural colors?
    • Hi CH, I submitted #64 with the colors changed. Please let me know if it needs more changes. Thanks.

  • Could you possible put a mortar and pestle in the g of sweetgrass?
    • Hi CH, I've re-posted my entry for your consideration and if you need any more changes I have no more designs left to submit, therefore i'll need a re-entry if you don't mind. :) thanks so much for the feedback. Peter.

  • Hello. I just submitted a design, #55 . Could you please give me some feedback?
  • This still reminds me a little of a $. Can you move the symbol above the wording and incorporate some brown in to it?
  • Love this! My favorite so far. Any chance you could change the S and pharmacy and compounding to be in black and maybe try using a font similar to the one used in #102?
    • Hi there, designers reply option is not working for him , designer is working on your request

    • See #122 and #130 for changes. Let me know if you want any quick last minute changes!

  • Awesome...but I would like the S bigger in the logo. Maybe the entire size of the circle with the grass in front.
    • Thanks for your feedback, I've entered #127 and #128 with some changes made to the size of the S. Again, of course don't hesitate to ask for changes if you'd like to see them.

  • Hi CH :) Thanks for the help with re-entries, take a look at #125 and #126 Thanks for the opportunity and everything hope you enjoy my designs! Peter
  • I like everything about this except the grass. Could you re submit with grass more like 49 or 52?
    • Sure can! I'll make some adjustments and resubmit shortly. -Kristi

    • I've made some adjustments as per your request and entered #123. In this entry I had the grass look as if it were weaving and holding up the small "s" for sweetgrass pharmacy. Let me know if you'd like to see other variations, I'll be happy to try them out. Thanks, Kristi

  • Can you remove the green t
  • Peter- I hope this will work to give you a re entry
    • #124 thank you it did work, Much appreciated :) I have 3 re-entries, I am heading to bed so I will do another 2 tomorrow unless you like this one, thanks, Peter.

  • Can I have one Re-entry please? Have a final design for you, if you don't like it, then fair enough. Thanks, Peter.
    • |--|

      peterbowes2012 {*wrote*}:
      Can I have one Re-entry please? Have a final design for you, if you don't like it, then fair enough. Thanks, Peter.
      |--| Absolutely! What do I need to do to give you a re-entry?

    • Not sure, I think it's something to do with rating, Can you rate one of them and then eliminate it or something? Thanks, Peter.

    • I'm asking live chat now about re-entries, hold on, thanks!

  • A good story to learn from before we judge other peoples creative work. Thank you. http://www.epicdesign.dk/336504534
  • Hi CH, I have finally came up with something I hope you like, any feedback or changes would be appreciated, I think this is a winning design :) #121 Thanks, Peter.
  • Could you try this with a warmer brown color and a softer green?