Sydney Metro Maintenance Needs New Innovative LOGO

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Winning design #326 by Babba, Logo Design for Sydney Metro Maintenance Needs New Innovative LOGO Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Babba

Project description

Business Name: Sydney Metro Maintenance Pty. Ltd. We are a general maintenance business operating in Sydney and NSW. Whilst we are still quite a small business, we do have some very large corporate clients and would like our logo to reflect this. We would like the logo to be very corporate, professional and sleek whilst at the same time innovative and modern. The colors we had in mind are; Blue, Purple and Grey/silver. Predominantly a bright royal blue and bright electric purple, but we are happy to have different shades of blue and purple used together. Black and White can also be used. We would like the words ‘Sydney Metro Maintenance’ to be included (Metro as in Metropolitan) and would like to see a strong but smooth font. We do not want Pty. Ltd. included. And we do NOT want anything to do with trains or the subway included, as metro is short for metropolitan, as in we operate in the Sydney metropolitan area (nothing to do with trains) We are open to images being used, something quite innovative and eye catching that will be easily recognized even without the words. These are all suggestions not limitations; please feel free to be creative with fonts and images. This logo will be displayed on our business cards, stationary, website, uniforms and vans. Feel free to contact me with any questions and I will do my best to give detailed feedback. Please also view my general feedback in the comments section. We would prefer not to include images of the Harbour Bridge or Opera House. Thanks.

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  • Hi Designers, Logos are looking great so far! Just some general feedback for everyone... 1. 'Pty. Ltd' Does not need to be included in the logo. 2. Excellent question Andrei... 'Metro' is short for Metropolitan. Sorry I didn't specify this earlier. 3. Really liking the shades of blue and purple used in #11 Thanks for all of you submissions so far...Will give more specific feed back very shortly.
  • hi i entered with #7 and #8. I have a question tho.. Is the Metro word coming from metro/subway or from metropolitan? Thanks Andrei
  • Dear CH, please be so kind and check my entry #2 Any feedback is very welcome. Best regards
  • Hi there. I just submitted #1. I went with my gut feeling for how I think your logo should be. The "smm"-symbol is reflecting how you (hopefully) makes things smooth for your clients. I'm open too use colours in the logo, but I (and almost every professional logo designer) think it's best to first work in black/white/gray until the shape is great and then add colour. Hope that's ok for you. KR Dologo
  • Hi Chemo, Really like the font and the 'Sydney metro maintenance' but can we try a different symbol... maybe something with the letters SMM included or a different image of some sort. Thanks!
    • Hi Samantha, I did two designs more #118 and #119 Do you like?

  • Hi Operhal, Looking good! Can we try adding some blue and removing the Pty. Ltd. Thanks!
    • Hi Samantha, i did that so please check #22 If you have any other possible corrections please let me know. All the best

  • Hi Dreamerme, Really like this design! Especially the colored version. can we try adding the gradient to the words 'Sydney metro maintenance' also ... and possibly try making blue line on the left hand side look slightly more like an 'S' somehow. Thanks!
    • you should take care due to the copyright of BMW sportsline...sorry.

  • Hey babba, Really like this design! Can we try removing the white dots in the M or spanner/wrench and can we try the word maintenance in a royal blue. Thanks!
    • Thank you very much Samantha for your feedback! Here are a few revisions upon #32 - #51, #52, #53 & #54, hoping you will take them in your consideration. If there is anything you would like to change or have any further directions, please do not hesitate to let me know. Kind regards.

  • Looking good! Can we try a slightly bolder font, so the words stand out a bit more. Thanks!
  • Hi Sc06tty, Really like this design! Can we try removing the lines on either side of maintenance. Can we try the color around the buildings in a royal blue and can we try the word 'metro' in purple (a darker purple as in #11) and then 'Sydney' and 'maintenance' in the grey. Thanks!
  • Hi Andrei, Really like the idea, can we try all the words on one line and a smoother more flowing font. Thanks.
    • Hi I am not sure what you mean with the font, but i upload 2 tries #26 and #27. Please guide me and give feedback if you need another fonts. Thanks

  • Hi dologo, Looks Great! Can we try a brighter blue and purple. And the S slightly more curved at the bottom. Thanks!
    • Thanks Samantha! Just submitted #21. With brighter colors and a more curved "s".

  • Greetings samantha1, When you have time could you take a peek at design #20. I included the Sydney Harbour Bridge as my main image. Seems to be an iconic structure in the Sydney area. This is a little rough and abstract, just inquiring whether it's an idea that you would like to see refined. Thanks.
  • Hi dologo, Looking good! Can we try adding some color... Blue, Purple and Grey/Silver... Maybe a different color for each word and then the corresponding letter in the same color. Thanks!
  • Hej Samantha, i published #56, #57 and #59 maybe you like it and got some wishes to improve it. All the best, Burneys
  • Hej Samantha, thanks for voting. What wishes do you have for #56 and #57 ? Also I am a bid sad about how obvious the copy of my idea is used by #68 I first combined the wrench with the opera house :)
    • OK, while there was night in Sydney I developed some versions out of the wrench-operahouse-mix by myself ;) Voila, #96, #97 and #98 for you. I hope there's some you may like. All the best, Björn

    • P.S.: #98 is accidentialy two versions in one graphic.

  • Hi Dologo, Thanks for the changes so far. Can we make the blue darker and brighter? Thanks!
    • Hi Samantha, I've just uploaded two logos with different dark bright blues. Check them out at #88 & #89.

  • Hi ScO6tty, Really like the font in this design! Can we change the symbol in this design to the one in #44 please? Thanks!
  • Hi ArsOrum, Like the idea and the font. Could we try a different image or symbol, that is not a train. As Metro stands for metropolitan. Thanks!
    • Hello CH, #83 #84 are different design solutions for your consideration. Please, kindly, let us know your suggestions. Thank you. Best regards.

  • Looks good! Can we try a darker blue (really like the blue in #61) ... and can we remove the three circles in the word 'sydney'. Thanks!
    • Hi Samnatha, there it is - version you asked for..please check #82 all the best