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Winning design #74 by Abdul700, Logo Design for Mobile Asset Tracking System Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Abdul700

Project description

Software product name Need a logo for Mobile Asset Tracking System Please refer to web page Logo needs to have an Aviation theme This is the concept I am looking for

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  • Djof Thanks for the quick. Would it possible to do another iteration? Could the font be the same size for both Mobile and Asset? Not sure which size would work best. I think the size for mobile would be better. Thanks
    • I will be continue with variations but I have to sleep now. Here is 4:25 :(.

  • The con trail should be more of a curve or straight line. It does not look right behind an airplane
  • I really like this and you are on to something. I love the airplane. Two issues. I think there should be a space between mobile and asset. Also my eye gets drawn instantly to the three letter word in asset. Can you take another run at it.
  • About #11, what else are you looking for in this design, maybe I can add/change something to make it better?
  • Can you change the colors to those I selected?
    • About #11, color revised from previous entry... Let me know if I'm still doing it right... thanks a lot

  • So what is the name of the company/product? I have a logo I would like to submit, but having some text to use would be nice.
    • The name of the company is Synergy Aviation Services, inc. The name of the product is Mobile Asset Tracking System

    • ok thank you, i'll change my text on my logo, that is if you like. I was the first entry. Please let me know what you think.

    • Thanks. Needs to have an aviation theme

    • OK, thanks, I misinterpreted the company, sorry about that!

  • Thank you for the changes. I really like this. One last thought, is there a way to drop the line slightly so the horizontal line in the A can be seen like in the two Es Happy holidays
    • Thanks, I like it too Happy holidays. .

  • Hi Paul, i'm a little confuse. In your brief you say that you prefer a letterform or pictoral mark logo. Are you still interested in this kind of logo?
  • Hi, Can you please feedback #56 #55 #53 #52 #51 #34 #33 Thanks
  • Hello CH! Ive submitted #63 and I need your feedback. Thank you!
  • your entry is a copy of entry 33
  • Can you do a version where Mobile Asset is all in Blue? Everything else the same
    • It is not ok. #45 by mamangdod.. stealing my design and my concept...If you do not delete this design I will write report to web administrators.

  • Hi Paul. Please find my first entries #96 , #97. Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK
  • Dear Contest Holder, Can you start rating designs, please? It is very hard for as, designers, to make best design for you when we don't know what you like. Thank you
    • it encourages creativity, leave it, you'll have your ratings as soon as the contest is closed...