T & C Tunz Sound

This is our second logo design contest that Robert has won. We can not begin to say just how much we love his work, his ethics, his timeliness, and his professionalism. He is one of the most talented designers that we have ever seen!

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Winning design #310 by trebz, Logo Design for T & C Tunz Sound Contest
Gold Medal

designed by trebz

Project description

UPDATED: 17.Apr.2019 @ 1822 PST
New comments added:
We have decided we absolutely want sound waves or sound bars in the logo.
Also, we are leaning more to Blue/Purple color combos.

Music | Passion | Life

T & C Sound is a music recording studio and an off-site audio sound system for live performances at any venue. On a smaller scale: we offer drum lessons to students of all ages. 

Broken down:
  1. Music recording studio
  2. Music mixing
  3. Music production 
  4. Live sound
  5. Drum lessons (not the focus - info added to show that we don’t want a keyboard or guitar in the logo. Perhaps no instruments, just music mixing/sound references?) 

We want people (bands, music artists and drum students) to feel as though they have the freedom to play and show their talent regardless of their level of expertise.

*We definitely want the logo to reflect the serious aspect of the business and have an edgy and modern look. Nothing childish.

We like colorful designs that are easy to read at a quick glance, but that upon closer inspection have clever elements added. 

Notes for Ideas:
The word "TUNZ" in the names is a play on words from the real word TUNES.
Remember that one of the owners is a DRUMMER. That said, this isn’t the focus (see point 5. Above).
T&C Tunz is “us” and Sound (music recording/mixing/live sound for events) is what we do!

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