There were so many great designs and each designer was very responsive to the suggestions. Most of all it was fun for me to see all the different and creative responses to my contest.


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Winning design #36 by Jera, Logo Design for T.oad Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Jera

Project description

I am looking for a logo design for an athletic wear line called T.oad. I want an icon of a toad to represent the line along with the letter logo. The letter logo should be 4x2 and the toad icon 2x2. Update: avoid green color toads.

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  • Dear CH, this is my revision #50 since you dont like green....
  • dear CH, please check me entry #48..hope to write me your feedback..thank you
  • hey tawndu, #44 shows different color combinations of my design in #28, i hope one of it fits your expectations
  • I like this composition overall, but the toad is not quite what I am looking for.
  • I like the flat toad more than the textured one. Can we explore a fun toad that's not green? Grey font, turquoise toad, white eyes? I like a smaller period(full) and space between the O.
  • Can the toad be a different color? eye color should contrast too. I am not feeling the color scheme. something more contrasting and sharp in color. I am still not in love with the font. Maybe a different T and a little thinner. I like the toad icon...perhaps a little fun personality so that it doesn't look like kermit. Thanks. Nice job.
  • Not sure how I feel about the grey color font either...
  • I like it very much. Can the toad be a fun pastel color? or gold?(still uncertain about color as you can see.) the O/background of the toad should be the same color as the other period. A three complimentary color scheme would be nice.
  • hello, #28 is the resubmission of #4. i've changed the font and the color scheme and i've incorporated the toad into the O too. i hope you like this one better
  • hay CH, please cek #23, give me input to my submit design
  • I like the toad but unsure about the font and color. I would also love to see if the toad could be incorporated into the O somehow.
  • This font is closer. I like the toad icon but do you think it could be silhouetted in the O? Then toad needs to be forefront. Font thinner and a different color scheme.
  • I like the font but not sure about this color scheme. The toad icon is too real. It needs to be more fun.
  • This is not right for the brand. Calligraphy font is not what I am looking for. The toad is sweet though. Thanks.
  • I like the font and color scheme, but the toad icon needs to be more of a toad caricature/face.
  • I like the font and color scheme but the icon needs to be of a toad caricature/icon.
  • Bright, fruity, feminine... am I on the right track?? Feedback is apreciated. Thank you : ) #8 #12
  • Hello tawndu, First of all thank you for the feedback, will try to do some changes and post them as soon as possible. Best regards
  • Hello CH, I have uploaded Design #3 . :) Any form of feedback would be appreciated. I am open to critique. Thank you very much! - Ani
  • Nice work Elijah. I need the font to look a little more feminine, maybe rounder and softer. The tonque catching the fly is interfering with the logo. Maybe some fun colors(3 fruity-poppy color scheme)? Maybe the letters could be lower case and the O silhouette is the toad?