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Winning design #290 by GraphArt, Logo Design for Taavi Contest
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designed by GraphArt

Project description

Taavi Natural Biosciences 

Taavi means "Beloved" in Finish. It is a logo for a new line of natural supplements and nutraceuticals. 

You are encouraged to make a logo without the name or to create a mark that is included in the named logo but can stand alone as well. Thus, please include some element that can stand alone, without the name of the company - such as an emblem, pictorial mark, or some icon that is representative of the company.  

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  • There are 3 elements in this design, namely the heart-shaped leaves, water droplets, and a circle. Water droplets combined with leaves mean that Taavi takes extracts from nature for its products. Circles under water droplets represent Taavi products and it is made from natural ingredients. #299
  • hi sir please check this entry ..i try to corporate tow pieces of nutraceuticals to make a heart to symbolize meaning of TAAVI #279
  • Taavi Logo #276
  • logo design Taavi original print work #270
  • gt
    feedback me please...? #269
  • This is create by adobe Illustrator . Easily editable. This is related to the description given to you. #263
  • please guide me thank you #260
  • hi i need advice for my entry, please check #115 thank you :)
  • hi, saya butuh saran untuk saya masuk, silahkan cek #115 terima kasih :)
  • About #214, @anhp beautiful design. However, it's a bit too close to the Arbonne logo for us to consider using this.

    • @dsalomon I have changed the design a little bit and created a new one.
      Please take a look at my designs #237, #238, #241.

  • gt
    or like this.. here you are. #234
  • gt
    or like this.. here you are. #233
  • gt
    like this.. here you are. #232
  • hello dsalomon this design you feed back for me this is the print work original image #231
  • About #45, @ushan

    We would like to see a design version that could be used for print work. Thus, please create a black and white version that uses only positive and negative space.
    • @dsalomon ok sir you want original image in this design?

    • @dsalomon you want to change text color?

  • hi I need advice from you, thank you. #115
  • About #208, @gt hello,

    Please remove the stem from the "t" and extend leaf to the right of the cross in the "t".
  • Hi, hope you like it, and let me know if you need anything, thank you. #220
  • gt
    feedback me please...? #208
  • please check it and feedback #205