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We are looking for a design for a logo that will be later used on a banner, button on web pages.  It needs to be Web 2.0 logo with the "Take the Interview" name. We want the design to extend the following equity statements: innovative, successful, progressive, professional, smart, helpful, easy-to-use, inviting.

After the contest is finished, the winner of the contest will need to design the banner and the button. They will be based on the logo design, so we hope it will not be too much trouble.


message from the administration: attention new members! you need to have at least 10 forum posts to be able to upload your design to this contest. Please, read this thread for more information.

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  • Hello again dweinblatt_tti, Quick question. Are you looking to have the name included within the icon? I wasn't sure if you were wanting a logo first and then use the icon as a button somewhere within the site. I would like to make my last example fit your needs.
  • there is any preference about colors or shapes?
  • Hello dweinblatt_tti, could you please mark "needs work" so I can adjust the colors per your recommendation?
  • The platform applies to all types of jobs, so a briefcase is not going to work as a logo/button, unless it is a really compelling design. This is difficult to envision as a button. I would try thinking more modern, cleaner, simple logo. A Web 2.0 logo that'd you see on some of the familiar websites that isn't complicated and easily recognizable. Hope this is helfpul.
  • How does this become a button? Can we try using a bolder, more modern font?
  • This is much more of what we are looking for. Is there a way to create the illusion of 3-D with shading or make the logo more glossy? Also, we need to keep the font consistent with your original design. If we can make those changes, I think we may be on our way to a winning banner and button.
  • Are there any suggestions on how I can make this fit your needs?
  • One more try...can we make the question boxes flat?
  • How does this become a button?
  • Try using the colors I recommended.
  • Can we remove the tilt of the boxes and make the entire button flat?
  • dweinblatt_tti, it looks like the latest submissions were not rated. please, take a minute to give them their points. Thank you!
  • ok, thanks ... now I understand, thing are more clear now
  • I can't envision this as a button and it doesn't exude the brand equity of professional, "getting the job." It is difficult to understand what makes this progressive.
  • hey :) i made this one from 2 prospectives center & left in the bottom one it have a little mistake,," missing part of the hand"..but i fixed it here..
  • hi dweinblatt_tti can you point what exactly is having need of work ... I currently working on other logo, soon will update once more ... tnx
  • How does this become a button?
  • Nice work. It's really innovative. I can see it as a button as well.
  • clipart
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