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Project description

Who are TQR? Talent QR is fresh, unique and has been created by Fresh Unique people who are prepared to push all boundaries however who are NOT mavericks. They are proven experts who are bored with seeing the same thing done every time which ends in the same results. It is all about understanding hurdles in business, thinking and then offering innovative solutions. We are Business Consultants NOT a Recruitment Agency. Talent QR will focus on Stategic Recruitment Advise. Business Consulting. Employer Branding and offer an Emergency step in Recruitment service. As with a QR Code, there is only one of us and we offer a pretty fast response to hurdles that organisations face. In essence this is what we do: We train Recruiters to Recruit better - Inhouse teams and Agency Recruiters. We Set up and Re Vamp Brand New or Existing Recruitment Teams - We work on creating stop in your tracks Brand Led Recruitment Campaigns for Companies to grab their Talent worldwide. Companies we would work with are from Oil & Gas, Finance through to Luxury Brands who are all fighting in the War for Talent. When was the last time you saw a job advertisement and thought WOW, I want to work there... We will do this for every client who we work with by understanding the values of the business and aligning our creatives with HR making sure that you not only think WOW when you apply but WOW when you join the business We offer Step in Recruiter Services - This is basically us jumping into a crazy Recruitment situation and helping organisations fill jobs quickly. Being experts in Recruitment in particular we know how to find needles in a haystack and know that if a company has a heavy requirement for staff then they need those staff now (this will be on an as and when basis and for specific clients only) We are Business Consultants in all areas from Human Capital, Investment, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Brand and Exec Coaching. This area will be for SME & Fast Track Businesses from all walks of life and will be as a sister Brand to TQR. From Start Up Advice through to Non Exec and Coaching, our Business Consultants will be able to help not only ensuring that your goals are met but fantastic Return on Investment. We find businesses who need an injection of cash or guidance and help them grow from small to very profitable. Clients include Luxury Brands within Airline/Hospitality coupled with High Profile Investment Banks, Resources & Insurance mainly within Europe, Middle East and Australia. Next target USA. DESIGNERS NOTES: Talent QR is FRESH, ALIVE & KICKING - Help be part of our success. Clients who are viewing your work are from Premier Brands mainly in UAE and Australia so your work is having maximum coverage. We love Brands such as LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Virgin. Full of life but full of highly talented individuals. Background Colour of Pantone Cool Grey. Primary Talent QR logo to be Burnt Orange. Please provide 3 logos for each division based on "TalentQR" being in colour , "Talent" being in an alternative grey with just the "QR" being in the designated colour and showing the logo on a White background. Provide Other Division Logos based on the "TalentQR" with the division name stated below (3 logos per division as with above notes) TalentQR Employer Branding - We love Aqua Blue TalentQR Training - We love Lime Green Talent QR Business Consultancy - We love Maroon or a Deep Purple (this area is specifally geared around Investment, Mergers & Acqusitions and Non Execs so maturity required in the colour choice) Talent QR Recruitment - You Choose Please let us know if the above colours do not match the Pantone background and offer alternatives. Please provide the Primary Burnt Orange logo with divisions listed underneath (Branding. Training. Recruitment. Consultancy) Please provide the Primary Burnt Orange logo with our strap line .. "We dare to be different" Keep font's smooth and easy on the eye. Lower case. QR - This is up to you in how your design "QR" but please note that as much as we love some of our designs, it is important for people to clearly see that it is a "Q" and an "R". The QR concept is taken from the "QR Codes" so we like the idea of having coding design to jazz up the "Q" and the "R" The rest is up to you and PLEASE challenge us if you think we are not opening our mind enough. We love Designers who Dare to be Different. Good luck. TQR

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  • Anyone: Where can i find qr code? Do I have to draw it?
  • Thank you for your design however not right for me on this occasion.
  • Hi, thanks again. Much better colour. It would be great to see some more of your designs to have a comparison. I like the QR code blending with talent. Maybe more? Look forward to hearing from you M
  • Hi M Thanks you so much for your rating I've uploaded one more design with a Stronger Orange #4 Staying the same design. Any Change Plase let me know it. Thanks
  • Hi - liking this one more - getting there. Thanks M
  • Hi, Thank you so much for your entry. I like the colour but design needs a little jazzing up in terms of grabbing attention. Having the QR piece as part of the name could be fun? Thanks M
  • Hi, Thanks so much for your entry. Really like the design. Colours need to be Bolder though. Perhaps a strong Burnt Orange. Font good. Strong and clean. Talent QR will be spreading across UAE and Australia so impact is the key. Look forward to hearing from you Papos. M
  • CKS
    About #16 Thanks for reply, hope you understand the QR Code symbol was the letters QR, anyway, good luck with your choice! Regards.
  • Ps. The logo needs to be bold enough to stand out in a dark grey background on the web site etc but also bold enough to be on a white background.
  • Hi Papos, we are thinking perhaps a dark background with a bright logo. Colours we like are bold ones that match a charcoal grey background. Orange, yellow? What do you think?
  • Hi there Do you want 1 or 2 colours? I'll upload 2 versions, thanks for your feedback
  • Hi all, lets try some alternative colours.
  • Thanks. We like the font but feel that it needs something else. A little too soulless but thanks
  • Thank you but not right for us. Not keen on QR design or font of talent. Thanks for your efforts though.
  • Thanks Dann but not right for me. Appreciate your hard work however. M
  • Hi Papos. I am looking at this again. Can you offer some other suggestions. Please choose your own colours (I will be amending the brief as Orange was just a suggestion). It would be good to see your own creation based on the concept of the business M
  • Thanks - Talent looks to out of place. The full design of a QR code has been designed but if people scan the logo it would not work?? If the full QR code design is used then it really needs to be an active QR code.
  • Thanks but not for me. Not keen on the outline or font.
  • Thanks but not for me.
  • Hi - thanks, I like the front and design but the word Talent seems to be on a limb. I would prefer to see it within the code. Colour needs livening up. Many thanks - look forward to hearing from you