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Winning design #61 by Iridith, Logo Design for Talk About Therapy, LLC. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Iridith

Project description

Pediatric speech therapy clinic

Take off LLC from name.  

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  • About #97, @realdesigner Please check this one i hope you like it
  • hi Mr ., please feedback all my designs :) thanks :) #92
  • how about this Mr ., please feedback :) thankyou :) #86
  • love+buble+talk #78
  • Can you please show us what it looks like with the logo all white against a solid color background? #61
    • Here's the white version - #75.

      Best regards,

  • Hi there..
    Here is my proposal..
    I hope you like it..
    would you please to let me know if you need anything else...
    I will give my best and provide anything what you want.. :)

    many thanks,

    best regards,
    arif #64
  • About #63, @zerger hi jfsweitzer thank you so much for the feedback. here is the revise you requested. hope you like it. thank you again.
  • Can you do this one with the line being grey, tral and green so that we can see all options. #43
    • Hello CH,

      I've uploaded the requested color options - #59, #60, #61 and #62. If you'd like to see some different colors or maybe different shades of the ones I've used just let me know.

      Best regards,

  • hope you like it too. Have a nice day and stay healthy. #52
  • hope you like this entry. #51
  • Can we remove the face from the bubbles, make "talk about" bolder and put a line between "talk about" and "therapy". Feel free to play with different color options. #38
    • About #38, @jfsweitzer
      okay.revisions have submitted.thank you

  • Can you use a bolder font for "talk about"? We really like this #48
  • We really like the line in-between. Can we change the green to a teal? #45
  • We love this design. You are absolutely on the right track. Can we see a couple different variations of this? Possibly different colors or with a line between talk about and therapy? #19
    • Hello CH, Thank you for the feedback and rating. I've uploaded a few versions with the line between "Talk About" and "Therapy" and with the navy blue as the main color - #43, #44 and #45. Best regards, Iridith

  • Please remove LLC. Make bubbles smaller and to one side or the other. Try other colors and possibly different font. #12
    • About #12, @jfsweitzer
      Okay. revisions are #37 & #38 please. Thanks for feedback

  • thanks Boss for feedback and Please check it this one i hope you like it #35
  • This is totally on the right track. While we are geared toward pediatrics, we do not want the logo to look too juvenile/cartoonish. Possibly rethink the smiley face. Also, try other colors (Definite use of navy blue) #33
  • Hi. Does This type of clinic have to do with mostly children?
  • We like the colors. We like that therapy is centered under talk about. Can we move the bubbles back over to the side? #25
  • When trying other colors, will you make sure that it is a true navy blue. Other than that feel free to play around with other colors that we did not specify. #19