Tallinn Whisky Show

Second time using DesignContest and experience is same as before - received many more designs than was estimated, many of them unprofessional, but plenty of good works to choose from as well. In the end, had a hard time choosing the winner as runners-up were strong too. The process was clear, fast and communication with winning designer smooth. Would use DC again and recommend it. Most importantly, happy with the logo we got.

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Winning design #45 by Dinamic, Logo Design for Tallinn Whisky Show Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Dinamic

Project description

Looking for a logo for Tallinn Whisky Show, an upscale whisky exhibition and party.  Logo should be modern, confident, open, masculine and memorable. All words should remain easily readable. If words are of different sizes, then 'Whisky' is the most important word (not 'Tallinn'). We like logos with text only or text with a simple, striking, stylized graphic element that ties to the theme of whisky. Nothing too busy or old-fashioned.

It would be most helpful to see the designs against white background.

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  • We really like the font and look of this (#146), but also like the bottle element of your other designs (#86 and others). However, the bottle and grain seem to take it away from the modern look that we want to have. Is there a way to incorporate the bottle motif into this design in an elegant and not-to-overpowering way?
    • About #146, @ebeholahan Hi Ch, thank you so much to your feedback. i will new revisions design. :) thank you

      kind regard,

    • About #146, @ebeholahan Hi Ch, i already upload now my new proposal design. hope you like it.:) please let me know your thoughts. your feedback or suggestion are greatly appreciated. thank you

      kind regards,

  • Would like to see this with "Tallinn" and "Show" a little bit larger for better visibility/readability and the round part a bit smaller (in both above the text and on the side versions). #122
    • About #122, @ebeholahan Sir/ madame,
      I apologise for the delayed in reply. Trust I will surely change the design according to your requirements but please give me some time because my mother is dead and I am not okay and I am so tensed. May be I will start work by next week. I am requesting to you please do not mind and need your favor. Hope you wil admit.


  • Hope you like it #201
  • Few proposals with different fonts...#198, #199, #200
  • Lines fixed. Please check. #197
  • Like the glass shape! It bothers that the lines are not equal length on left and right. I get that they're extended towards the glass, but it creates imbalance. #166
    • @ebeholahan Thank you for your feedback and rating. I am glad you like it. I will fix it as you asked asap...

  • ................................
  • please check my designs..... #165
  • please cheeked #160,161,162 and I await your feedback #162
  • As said before, I really like the look of this, but 'y' gets lost. See if you can think of a way to incorporate the shape of a Glencair whisky glass (https://whiskeygunsguitars.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/glencairn.jpg) into this logo. And Tallinn with two n's :)
    • About #160,#161,#162, @ebeholahan
      as you said before,I had to remove the 'y' and merge 'y' with glencair whiskey glass without changing the appearance as you requested

  • Dear CH,
    I hope you like it. #153
  • Voo
    check #149
  • please cheked..revisi
  • What do you think about this proposal? #128
  • cheeked please #126
  • Can you try this with an simplified image or outline of a Glencairn whisky glass (https://whiskeygunsguitars.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/glencairn.jpg) instead? Thanks! #112
    • About #112, @ebeholahan Offcourse. Thank you.

  • Again, Tallinn with two n's! And even though the look is good, the glass of y being a martini/cocktail glass, is a problem. Please try to keep the look and feel, but incorporate a Glencairn whisky glass shape (https://whiskeygunsguitars.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/glencairn.jpg) into the logo instead. Or if that doesn't work then a regular old-fashioned glass. Thanks! #109
  • About #94 or #95. Can we try this with just the round graphic element, without the swirls on the side? I think the logo needs less elements. Also, would like to see what a dark logo option on white background looks like. Thanks!
    • About #94, @ebeholahan Sir/madame,

      Thank you so much for your valuable feedback and for admitting my creativity and effort. I respect it. It will be my privilege if you will give me this golden opportunity to work with you. Trust I will try my level best to meet the expectations and will surely change the design according to your requirements. Please give me some time.


  • Could you do a variant of this with Tallinn on separate line (like 'Show' is now) and 'whisky show' as main element (like 'Tallinn Whisky' is now). Also, try with just the round graphic element, without the swirly parts on the sides. Thanks!