Tangerine Schoolhouse Inc.

Very smooth process and final design conveys the intended message mores than I expected. Thank you.

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Winning design #61 by Routh, Logo Design for Tangerine Schoolhouse Inc. Contest
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designed by Routh

Project description

Tangerine Schoolhouse is a preschool (in the future to expand up to 3rd grade). Our educational concept is multiage grouping, natural learning environment, organic foods, upscale, homelike environment and individual attention. Ideas for the logo to include the Tangerine Schoolhouse (with or without the Inc or options for both). Our tagline would be Preschool & Kindergarten but it doesn't necessarily have to be included in the logo at this time. Other ideas: 1. Incorporate a whimsical treehouse, birdhouse or any other house in the design; 2. T can look like a tree with possibly a bird sitting on it, swing hanging from the left side of tree, child sitting under the tree, kite, any other elements that represent softness, gentleness, natural learning environment, etc. Do not use hard/loud fonts. I need to be able to embroider the black and while version on golf shirt type material. Do not use more than three of the colors, but you can use some of the shades of these colors as they are necessary for the design.

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  • I am wondering if you can try another option. I can see a T in the child, I don't know if this was intentional or not. Can you incorporate the child only (without the grass) in the Tangerine Schoolhouse. I am asking you to use the child instead of a T in Tangerine. Don't change the child at all, it is fine the way it is. Thank you.
    • Hi thank you for very constructive feedback, unfortuantly since i'm new to Designcontest.com, am I not allowed to contribute more than 3 pieces for each competition. Therefore I made some extra examples in my last one, I hope you like them.

    • I understand. Thank you.

  • Iridith #2 - I was trying to figure out what I liked about your design and I came up with the following. The tree is way too busy, but I like the whimsical look. I do like your font in the name though. I would say if you have a simpler tree or house, it may work well with that font. Thank you for submitting.
    • Hello CH, I've uploaded #14 with a simplified tree. Is that what you had in mind or do you want something even more simple? Best regards, Iridith

  • Is it possible to see the trees in smallest to largest order on a straight horizon (not the curved one you have now)? I am thinking growing threes (growing children). Also remove the Inc. and make the Schoolhouse larger (keep the font). Use the orange color for Tangerine only, use green for the trees and schoolhouse. Thank you.
  • Routh #3 - This is not my style at all and it would not fit the upscale service we will provide. You tried to incorporate all of the elements I asked for, but it is too much. I didn't mean that everything has to be in it, but rather take those ideas and make something of your own. There is no way I can print this on shirts or embroider it on teacher's shirts. I liked how you put the kite at the end of the name, but a different style would work better. Please reconsider designing something with the style you used for #5 and #105 in your portfolio. I like those a lot and it can easily be converted to a black & white version for shirts and other documents. You can also try a version without the Inc. at the end. Thank you for submitting.
    • would you name the contests from my portfolio that you like,because there are several #5 and #105 in the portfolio.thanks. :)

    • All the brown & green Greenweaver designs that incorporated the leaf.

    • The green Aroma logo (without the plate and fork). Some of your minimalistic designs that have only two colors or three are the best.

  • Knutli #1 - I like the simplicity of your design. Changes I would like to see: Remove blue dot (water drop or bird) from the grass, remove the inc (doesn't work with the font), I would like to see a couple of more fonts in the name, use a sage green (this green may be what I picked originally, but I was looking for a sage green), Use dark brown or black instead of blue (blue is not our color at all). Thank you for your submission. Not a bad start.
  • Routh, would you please change the colors on this one a bit. Small child can stay green but slightly darker sage, larger child or person can be orange and the door/horizon can be dark brown (would like to see straight and curved horizon as well). I like this design but the colors need to pop a little to make make it stand out. Thank you.
    • ill send the revisions in an hour or two sorry for the delay....my pc's giving me a hard time today...sorry....:)

    • I have that problem every day. No worries.

  • #38 hope you like it, when the logo in one color / black oke is, you can chose any color you like. TD
  • Please simplify the design by removing the two small trees on both sides, inside the house only the door should remain (no door heading and no circle). Also show an option for brown roofline (on this choicer remove the middle tree as well) and without a roofline (on this choice leave the middle tree as is). Thank you.
  • Thank you for all of your hard work.
  • This one also needs a bit of increase in color, please. Slightly darker and the Schoolhouse has to stand out much more so it is visible from a distance. Thank you.
  • dky - your design is a concept I didn't think about - a picture within the picture. I would like to see a number of version of this. The trees could be smaller in comparison to the house and they don't have to be the round trees only. The orange window should be a door. The horizon should be a line instead of a curve. Schoolhouse is a bit small, if you can't make it larger, make it more visible by changing the color to dark brown. I think you have captured my idea nicely. Thank you for your submission.
    • dky

      Hi Sir, Thank you very much for your feedback, of course I really appreciate it, I will redesigns it again as you requested, and if there are still shortcomings, please feel free to tell me again, I would be very pleased to revise my designs. :) Regards,

  • I like the font, but not the art. You may try a few different art options, but make it lighter and more modern please. Thank you.
  • I like the fort on this and your suggestion on black background. Thank you
  • You came closer than anyone else making that T part of the name and the design. I don't lake the rigid look though. Something softer and lighter may work better. Thank you for your submission.
  • Don't like the font. Thank you.
  • This will not work for me. Thank you.
  • Too asian for me. Sorry. But thank you for trying.
  • I like the three colored version. I do think the string should be tied to the T not the g though. Thank you
    • Hello CH, Here's #19 with the kite tied to the letter "T". Edit: Added #24 with the kite as the letter "T". Best regards, Iridith

  • I like this design and style. I would like to see several versions of this if possible. Darker shades of the same colors. Change Tangerine to orange and Shoolhouse to green. You can also try adding a third color (dark brown) only for the -house- portion in the name, the string and one section of the kite. Have the kite tied to the T as another option. You may submit in one file as they are just versions of the same or multiple files. A complete black version would also help me see what it looks if I only printed as such. Thank you.
    • Hello CH, Thank you for the feedback. I'll work on the requested changes and will submit something soon. Best regards, Iridith

    • Hello CH, I've submitted #18 with the color changes and a black version of the logo. I'll try to play with the kite as letter "T" now and see how that works. Best regards, Iridith

  • vonryan80 - I like your design a lot, but unfortunately will not work for a preschool. However I like the circle and would like to see a couple of more options instead of the tree. Maybe a child looking abstract figure or a house. Perhaps you can wrap the tangerine name around the circle. Remove the sun-rays from the circle when you add other options. I do want at least two colors in the logo.
    • I appreciate the the feedback... I'll submit new revision as soon as I can. Thank you CH!

    • Thank you for submitting.