I love my logo! It's clean and fresh, but also creative and organic! Thank you Design Contest! I loved working with your artists and your staff, who was especially helpful when I needed to get the right file format. :)

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Winning design #118 by viralmehta1413, Logo Design for Taproot  Contest
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designed by viralmehta1413

Project description

UPDATED 5/22: To all the lovely designers who have put your heart and soul into creating such beautiful art...thank you from the bottom of my hear! I can't tell you how much I appreciate you "putting yourself out there" and sharing a part of you, with me and others watching. :) I have been so impressed with what you've come up with...so creative and unique! <3 
I will be heading off on vacation with my family this Friday (I am on Eastern Time in Florida, USA), so I will not be able to log into the context on the last day it's live - this Saturday, 5/27. Thus, I will be announcing my favorite logo design by this Friday morning (if not sooner)! I wish I had enough money to give a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th...place award too! I am sorry that I can't financially award each of you for your hard work and dedication. :/ Please just know that I thank you from the bottom of my heart! A logo for a new company - especially when your company was a "passion project" that turned into a dream, that turned into reality - is so very important and meaningful! I personally can't thank you enough for all you've done to make this part of my journey very, very special... :) Keep creating, keep expressing, and keep being YOU! :D 

With endless gratitude,

Sarah Daniels

UPDATED 5/18: I increased the award from $325 to $425. :)

UPDATED 5/18:  My business' name is "Taproot". However, please feel free to also include three (3) additional words in the logo if you can find a way to make it look good, but not too busy. The words are: 

UPDATED 5/18: 
THE OVERALL DESIGN shoud be on the simpler, more "clean" side...but I increased the award amount to include incentive for artists to add DETAIL in one aspect of the logo. This detail can be in the leaves of a tree, the roots of a tree, in the human hands (to make them look realistic), or in the coloring (for example, providing a graduation from lighter green to darker green). I've see a few examples where leaves were different shades of green, or seeds are made up of various different greens. This kind of DETAIL catches the eye, and makes the overall quality of the logo look more professional. ;) You don't have to go overboard; a little detail or doing something a little unexpected goes a long way. :) 

A "taproot" is the main root of a plant, out of which other roots grow. 

I am a Nutritionist, Food Psychologist, Lifestyle Coach, and Health Expert. I offer one-on-one consultations, whole family consultations, and 1- and 2-day workshops. 

My health values include:
  • Taking care of your body is a sign of self respect
  • Plants are medicine + Eat clean animals & animal byproducts
  • Eat nose-to-tail
  • Strive for balance
  • Health sphere of influence: Food/water / Sleep / Stress Management / Vitamin D / Exercise / Minimize Toxins
  • Learn your body's immune system signs/tune-inward
  • Disease means "without harmony", not a health crisis
  • Your gut is your immunity
  • Seeds contain all the DNA needed to produce life

Regarding colors, I am drawn to green. I also like white. But I am open to other colors. 

Regarding symbols, I prefer circles, ovals, and infinity symbols over squares or other geometric shapes. 

Updated 5/16: 
-The Banyan tree. Note: This is India's national tree. :)
-Human hands, including fingers, with a brown complexion. (Please don't use a human head or face.)
-Tree or plant roots, branches, and/or leaves. 
-I prefer classicly modern fonts - nothing "edgy" or "rough" looking.

I hope this helps! :) 

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  • Thanks keyla! The font looks better! :)
    I see you removed the sun? Would you mind putting it back in, like you had in #203? #220
  • dot's already moved to the center of the words. hope you like it! #225
  • Hi Sarah. I have added new colors to design. What do you think of it? Thanks. #223
  • Hi mmkdesign,

    I'm actually looking for the word "Taproot" to be the same as it is in #72. In #82, it's dark green, and solid. But in #198, it's a lighter green, and not solid. :) Can you please change #118 word Taproot the exact same color as #72? #216
  • Thank you Nasrul for the nice pictorial of a Banyan tree! :)
    This isn't quite what I am looking for, but I appreciate you taking a stab at it! :) #215
  • This is Admin Sharie, I sent yu an email yesterday about sending me the source files on this entry. I want to make sure this is a complete editable vector AI and or eps file, please send this file to shariev@deesigncontestc.om #118
  • Braveheart, while it's a tad too "edgy cool" for me, lol...I love your creativity! :) #214
  • Thank you Vyaish for making the changes I requested! :)
    I've narrowed it down to just a few...but I appreciate your contributions! #211
  • Hi. Thanks for new rating. I have made changes as you asked. Thanks. #210
  • mmkdesign, would you also mind incorporating the below change into the design you're making based on my last comment?:
    -Kindly make the green color of the word "Taproot" (including the leaves) a darker, consistent color of green - just like what you did in #72. ;)

    Thanks! #198
  • Hi Viralmehet. :)
    A few things... I spoke with Design Contest earlier this evening. They noticed that your file for the "leaf" in this log is not a vector file. I am really hoping you are able to convert it to the proper format for me! :) (Sherry said that she would reach out to you for the correctly formatted version.)

    Secondly, could you please take a look at how Junior Designs has a "dot" between the three words (i.e. food mind balance), instead of what you have? I love what you have in #118, but a few friends have said that it can be a little visually confusing because they look like the letter "I".
    If you would, could you please just recreate another submission but with dots between the words (like *181 has)? Thank you in advance! :) #118
  • Also, I like the darker brown shade that you used in #164 for coloring the word "taproot". Would you mind changing this back to that darker color please? #184
  • P.S. :) Please look at #181 from Junior Designs. In the "food" "mind" "balance" part of the logo, s/he has "dots" between the words, not "periods" or "forward slashes". This is what I was referring to in my last comment about removing the forward slashes and substituting them with "dots". Is this something you're able to do? #184
  • I love that you always give me several great options to choose from, mmkdesign! Thank you so much for the varied logos! Your hands-to-wrists transitions are creative! ;)
    Okay, so I think we have our keeper. ;) Thiking we should just "barely" change the brown color to just slightly less reddish...but still "Indian" looking. :) #198
  • Nice work Keyla! :)
    Can you please lighten up the brown to a bit lighter color? Also, the green can be a bit lighter, too. :)
    For the font, this is very "contemporary" or "hip". Can you keep a font with roundedness, but make it a tad more "classic" please? (Please refer to the font in many of the others that I haven't eliminated. ;) #203
  • Ooooohhh! I love the textured leaves and brown in "taproot"! :D
    Just to confirm...are these vector files, Drexborn? #184
  • Really cool use of the "r" Kelya! :) Love the out of the box thinking! ;) #190
  • Hi. Excuse for the late answer to your comment. I have made changes of design. I hope to you it will be pleasant. Thanks. #199
  • Infinity symbol replaces the double-o letters. #193
  • another version with wood and leaf texture. #183