Tasmanian Archery Supplies

I was worried about getting a logo made. This is the only way to do it and it was exciting Thanks

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Winning design #70 by ShiftingBlue, Logo Design for Tasmanian Archery Supplies Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ShiftingBlue

Project description

Archery shop, Archery repairs, Accessories and hardware Target Archery and Hunting. We are after a simple design that consists on a LOGO that says Archery, repairs, Target and Hunting and title of Tasmanian Archery Supplies with simplistic bow or target and smart contrasted title.

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  • Hello. I have submitted Entry #5 for your review, and would love to hear your thoughts/suggestions you may have. Thanks!
    • The text is great The rest is too complicated need something simple

    • Great. #13 is a much more minimalistic, text-oriented approach. I'd be curious your thoughts on this direction.

  • Dear CH, Please write a more detailed brief. It will help your designers understand your needs better. Thank you. Regards, Max DC Support
  • Hi, I have submitted entry #12 and I wanted to see what you do and do not like about it. The bow and arrow are to represent the letter "T" as in Tasmania. Do you like the amount of details in it or is it too minimal?
    • I like minimal but not grey back ground

    • ok, i'll change the background. What about the rest?

  • Hey not sure about the cog. Like the design. Can you try changing the cog with half a target and half deer head?
  • Hello, I have submitted Entries #4 and #11. I am just starting out and would love to hear your thoughts/suggestions. Thanks!
    • The bottom section in #11 is what we are after, simple BUT we need it to speak a little more with accessories and bow hunting. The top logo is Good but was thinking more like TAS not just TA.

  • Can you change the colours of the target so from the centre out they are yellow,red,blue and black
    • Of course. #30 and #31 have these changes - I'm happy to make any others you might like to see.

  • ok, I changed the background #27. Please tell me if you even like the concept of the bow & arrow as a "T" Thanks
  • Hello This is my logo #20 and I hope you like it. Any suggestion about how to improve it is really appreciated. Thank you
  • Hi again, I submitted #19. I would like to hear any thoughts you have about it. Thanks!
  • Hello CH, my entry #41. Please feedback me so we can adjust the colors. Thank you. With best regards
  • Hi, I just submitted #36, if you have any comments please tell me as soon as you can. Thanks!
  • Yes I think this will be the winner if it has a white back ground
    • Fantastic. I can't upload designs anymore, but if you select me as the winner I will provide the final design with a white background.

  • Will this have a white back ground Or could you make it white please
    • It will, yes. I won't be able to upload a new version before the contest ends, but that would be no problem

  • #75 let me know if you want any changes thanks.
  • And this one too without the Tasmania
    • No worries, Entry #70 has that change included. Thanks!

  • Can you do me one the same but without Tasmania
    • No problem - #68 has this change. Any other alterations you might like to see?

  • If you could I would like the text on the left An arrow between the Tasmania and the Archery pointing into the middle of the target Then the whole lot in capsulated in a map of Tasmania
    • Great. I uploaded several new iterations of your request, as I know the contest only has 5 hours remaining. Is this along the lines of what you are looking for? I'm of course happy to make any changes to these while I can. I'm not sure if you've used the site before, but once the contest closes and you've chosen a winner, you have a week to finalize the design and have the designer make any changes you might still want - just FYI. Thanks!

    • |--|

      crippsr {*wrote*}:
      If you could I would like the text on the left An arrow between the Tasmania and the Archery pointing into the middle of the target Then the whole lot in capsulated in a map of Tasmania
      |--| Isn't that making it like identical to the one submitted by gamaya1997? Just my opinion.

  • hello ch, please give feedback my entry #46 and #47. Thank you
  • I would like to see this one without the anters