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Winning design #128 by weeer, Logo Design for Tasty To Go Contest
Gold Medal

designed by weeer

Project description

Need logo design for new sports facility based snack bar. First location is at large community based soccer club however we do not want the logo to convey any specific sport as need it to be versatile for use at many different venues. Tasty To Go will offer high quality ice cream, frozen yogurt & smoothies, sandwiches and great coffee. The logo should work for our name in 2 forms ... Tasty To Go and Tasty2Go. *** We have added some example logo files that we like ***

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  • Like the simple clean look. Would like to see a more vintage looking version.
    • thank you. I have submitted a new version. I hope it's better :) #41

  • Like the look ... only comment is the words TO GO seem to blend together to read TOGO. Might be able to have the words Tasty and Go in one color and the word Go in another color to better distinguish. Thanks.
    • hi rdobson, we can do that, your feedback is appreciated, thank you & have a great day :) -friendnand

    • hi, just submitted your request, under #14. i hope you like it. just let me know what you think or any more suggestions you give will be appreciated. thank you. -friendnand

    • I can't quite put my finger on where from, but I believe a VERY similar logo already exists for a currently operating business. Same tongue with arrow/smile design (and that's the same arrow that Amazon.com has), same bubble letters, and same color scheme..

    • good day paradiseash, you know we can always see similarities. it just happened i cannot put my finger on which too, lol. anyway, good luck to your works bro :)

  • Yes like the red and black ... what about the outer circle above and below the horizontal centre bank with the name in it being in a red and white checkerboard pattern ... sort of like a picnic tablecloth. could even try without the inside grey line shading. Thanks.
  • Like the vintage look.
    • Thank you for your feedback! Do you have any suggestions for changes to make it stronger or more suited for your business? NIKKIF

  • Simple and creative. Like the look. Thanks.
    • Thanks for your feedback. Any improvements/changes I could make?

  • Like the retro circle look of this logo however we are not a sports bar. Would like to see the cound logo with maybe a simpler outside border and less busy in the inside. Really do like the red horizontal line in each version with our name. I am going to post a few examples of vintage style logos we like shortly. Thanks.
    • Ok, let me try someting different, thank you for your feedback

  • Like the vintage look ... would like to see in a number of other colour options. Thanks.
  • Like the look ... wondering if it could be made to look somewhat more vintage but keep same elements? Thanks.
    • Hi again ... just wondering if we could see the same logo but with just the black center band without the right-sided arrow? Thanks.

    • Hi. I've submitted #45 #47 and #48 with a few changes to the design. I've tried to make it more vintage looking and also taken the arrow off for you. Colour variations are obviously available if you would like to see the design in a different colour. Thank you for your time.

  • Hi there, I have submitted #39 and #40 (two colours). Options for your consideraton. Two colours more cost effective for printing and embroidery. Kind regards, Liz
  • Dear Contest Holder, Here is my first entry #29. With an antique retro feel, I think will work well in a sports environment and also has a 'quality' feel about it. I can of course change colours to suit. Kind regards, Liz
    • Hi Liz, actually really do like the logo and have been thinking a lot about it. I will get some additional input and send some better feedback tomorrow morning. Thanks

    • Thanks. I have two colours in the background just to show you how it works on dark and white background. Kind regards, Liz

  • Hello -I have done another version of (#27 & #28), I have just submitted #36,#37 without the arrows and have tried to show you various fonts. It has a retro vintage sporty look to it. Any feedback would be great. Thank you
  • Hi I have submitted #27 & #28 for your consideration. Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks!
    • |--|

      cpgraphicdesign {*wrote*}:
      Hi I have submitted #27 & #28 for your consideration. Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks!
      |--| Actually really like your vintage looking design ... would be nice to see versions without the arrows. Thanks

  • I'll try and explain what we think we would like ... keep the solid red horizontal line across the middle with the name Tasty2Go and TastytoGo ... extend this solid red horizontal section to the outside edge of the circle. On the outside ring of the circle (both the portion above and below) have the ring itself be a red and white checkerboard pattern with nothing on the inside of the semicircle areas. Thanks
  • #25 Similar to my initial logo design.. I have created a different design I think this one has a better vintage feel to it yet I've tried to keep it simple and it can be used in various ways.
    • Colors can change. Was there any colors you have in mind? Also roughly what age group is this logo targeting?

  • Really like ... simple and somewhat retro/vintage. Would even like to see a version without the eaten away part and maybe downplay the number 2 and play up the words TASTY and GO ... just my thoughts. Thanks.
  • Like the flow of the logo ... sort of retro looking and quite versatile in terms of application. Any chance of seeing it in some other colours ... black, red & white version plus any others you think would lool cool. Thanks.
  • Can hardly see the logo it is so small?
  • Nice logo we really like it. Any possibility that this look (same colors and font etc) could be incorporated into a circle vintage style version? Thanks
    • Hi. I have submitted #80 as a "circle vintage style" option, per your request. I would also like to show you a "cool 50's diner style logo" option, but as I am a level one designer and I can only submit 3 entries per contest. Please grant me more uploads and I would be happy to show you more designs. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Really like the logo but wonder how it would look on white background and how it would be used as one-color version? Thanks
    • About #50 and #51 Revisions made also single color versions included; Thank You

  • Really like this logo (and the one-colour version as we will have application for one-color logo on cups, napkins etc.).Any chance of doing one without the wings on opposite side jus to compare. Thanks.