Tauranga Sport Fishing Club

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Winning design #27 by Carcharias, Logo Design for Tauranga Sport Fishing Club Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Carcharias

Project description

Brief for new branding for Tauranga Sport Fishing Club Inc



Freshen & update brand – make more relevant and versatile:

The old logo represents the fishing club as it was when it was called a gamefishing club. It is now a sportfishing club, so the aim is to change the perception that it is a club whose focus is mainly game fish (marlin, swords ect) to Sport Fishing – whose taget species are far and wide, but include NZ snapper, yellowtail kingfish, yellowfin tuna, AND striped marlin and broadbill swordfish.**

Versatility - Have a modernized logo that can be altered to fit letterheads, web banner-heads, coasters, menus, T-shirts etc

Customer demographic:

·      Mainly male, aged anywhere from 25 to 75 – and family friendly

·      Fishers of both game and other fish, big and small boat owners

Main logo:

Include club name Tauranga Sport Fishing Club as well as snapper, marlin and tuna

Club wording

Logo with just Tauranga Sport Fishing Club

Individual fish

Have stylized illustrations of the **fish above so that if there is a snapper competition happening we can use the snapper image with the club name.

Small logo icon:

Small logo that can be used as a favicon and for facebook etc


It is important that the fish are **New Zealand species. If you are unfamiliar with the fish, please do your homework before creating the logo.


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  • my 2nd design, hope u like it! #32
  • I have added fish photos to give a guidance to the species.
  • About #7, @missdesigner123 See comment on other design you did.:)
  • About #6, @missdesigner123 Thanks for your entry but not liking this so much. Looks like a fresh water fish and logo to simple.
  • About #8, @tjgraphics We like the lettering and the hook on the T, but it looks like a fly rather than a gamefish lure. This sort of idea with stylised versions of NZ snapper and yellowfin Tuna would be interested to see.
  • About #3, @monstersox This is not what we are after, as it is just a striped Marlin and we need the other fish in there as well.
  • About #4, @NFS84 - Liking the fish and the move away from just concentrating on game fish, but does need to have a striped marlin and a yellowfin tuna there as well. The Sport Fishing Club needs to be more prominent somehow.
  • would you be so kind and give it some feedback? It would be greatly appreciated!
  • my proposal.... #2
  • Thanks for your entry but I don't think you have read the brief correctly. That is a sailfish. We don't even catch sailfish in New Zealand. Please read the brief in full. #1
  • Want something that is clean and stylised and a little funky, compare to the traditional logos as attached here. Any questions just ask, :)