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I would like a logo that has a relaxed and friendly feel but also  eye-catching and looks professional. I would like it to be modern and relatively simple.  My business designs interior and exterior colour schemes for residential properties.  I am thinking white, charcoal or black with a small amount of colour.  Maybe a turquoise in there?  I am open to interpretation.

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  • I hope you like it sir ! #252
  • I like the idea here. I'm not sure about the blue of the "t" going all the way around the circle. Could you break the circle up a bit please? I hope this makes sense:) #241
    • About #241, @trudi_18 thanks for the comment,
      of course, I immediately send updates

      best regards

  • This is good. I like this #245
  • It is a bit too complex. I am after something simpler. The colour and the wording so good though:) #247
  • Logo idea. Hope I'm on track. Good luck #247
  • hi sir,how about colour it? thanks #231
    • @Hany22 yes that it. Looks great, thanks

    • @trudi_18 ok sir,thanks

  • how about colour it sir? thanks #227
    • @Hany22 this is awesome he design I like but I would like it a turquoise colour. If you have a look at the other designers work you will see the colour that I want. Thanks:)

    • @trudi_18 ok sir,thanks.

  • how about colour it? thanks #226
  • how about it? thanks #225
  • please feedback #207
    • @AD786 this is good. I like it

  • please check thanks #220
    • @Minimal_Instinc this is good l, nice and simple. Not sure abou the "t" though

  • how about background it,thanks #181
    • @Hany22 I think I like the white background better. If you could make the "t" a blue/green I stead of blue that would be great, thanks:)

  • Selain texs, seluruhnya adalah hasil karya saya, thanks you #224
  • In addition to the text, all of which are the result of my work, thanks you #217
  • Hope u like these concepts..... #215
  • @trudi_18 #204
  • @trudi_18 #202
  • @trudi_18 #199