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Winning design #281 by epzz, Logo Design for T&C Hunt Club Contest
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designed by epzz

Project description

***UPDATE 2***

Try to think a bit simpler on these logos. T&C are the focus, gun club smaller below. Clean, attractive. 



A client of ours is looking for a new logo design. They are looking to change it up to make a new more modern look, a crest or emblem style logo. "T&C Hunt Club" is what the logo needs to say but the emphasis will be placed on the "T&C" with the "Hunt Club" being much smaller. 

ARROWHEAD imagery is prevalent throughout the club and their branding. It can be used in the logo but is not required. 

If you submit a design and I like it, I will rate it and follow up with any additional thoughts from our client. 

The client is a membership style club that is based in Southeast Kansas. They are geared towards outdoorsmen that hunt deer, ducks, pheasants, shoot clay targets and bass fish. The design can encompass a collection of those activities but not one specifically since each member would go there for a variety. 

"Tim went over the questions, and he believes it just needs to be simple. Something simple classy and rustic. It needs to look good on hats and apparel. The current font we have is not bad, it just doesn't look good with the wildlife spelled out and the arrowhead. One of our main colors is Hunter green, but browns, beiges, and other "outdoor colors" would work."

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  • the last one #311
  • i hope you like this. #310
  • Shown on a light background, a dark background, 3 color, single color, and the knockout outline. #308
  • je
    Hope I'm going to the right direction, thank you. #306
  • Need your feedback #303
  • Can you check entry #194 please (: Thanks
  • Need your feedback #291

  • something simple and clean. #251
  • Any change massage me .Thanks #226
  • A 4 color version using the colors from the brief. #225
  • 100% original including typography, hand-designed--not a commercial font, I went with a classic feel, no guns, but I included some arrows for border effect. I have an open question as to whether it should read "gun club," "hunt club." or "wildlife", as all three are mentioned in the brief, and I am not sure which one is correct at this point, so I have left that off for now.

    I have shown a 3 color version, a single color version in black, and a single color version in white. I will follow with a 4 color version using the colors in the brief. #224
  • hi sir, this is my design, hope you like it
  • hi sir, this is my design, hope you like it
  • Is it "hunt club", "gun club", or "wildlife"?

    All three are now mentioned.
  • Dear Sir
    please check it. Thanks #219
  • Dear Sir
    please check it. hope you like. Thanks #218
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  • I hope you will like it #216