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Winning design #186 by chsnddznn, Logo Design for Team Inferno Contest
Gold Medal

designed by chsnddznn

Project description

I am looking to take the previous logo design (attached) of our team name "Team Inferno" and take it to the next level of making it feel more official and impactful.  Our team represents the Southern part of the US (California, down thorough Arizona and Texas) and want to have a thematic logo that identifies us versus our other teams. 

  • Would like to have the word Team above the word Inferno with Inferno being the focal point and center of the logo
  • The O in Inferno will need to be a-s combined logo I attached
  • We have five small teams within Team Inferno and will need to integrate the names in to the Logo as done in the current attachment (Socal, Southwest, United, Southern, and Houston)
  • Will want an eye catching background that has to do with Inferno, more geared towards fire and flames
  • Do not want it to look too cartoon
  • Ok with ideas that showcase the logo within a certain emblem or shape
  • Open to having associations to the states or USA in the emblem but not required

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  • The color could be anything U want. #223
  • jww
    Hi Thank-you for looking through my designs, any feedback or comments would be appreciated. Many thanks JWW #216
  • This design is in the final two, please do not remove. Waiting for team feedback #127
  • this design is in the final two. Making a decision soon! Please do not remove #186
  • where did you others go that I had ranked high?
  • If you have any questions or design changes, please let me know.

    fcurtis #198
  • making final decisions hopefully today!
  • Team Inferno #175
  • team #167
  • team #166
  • team #165
  • any feedback sir on #152 please??
  • My design, thank you #159
  • Can you change to white background with darker color #139
  • Socal, Southwest, United, Southern, and Houston #149
  • Socal, Southwest, United, Southern, and Houston #145
  • Socal, Southwest, United, Southern, and Houston #144
  • Socal, Southwest, United, Southern, and Houston #142
  • Hi, here it is, the inferno font is more thicker, and I change the colors of "AS" symbol, thank you. #134
  • could you also try a version that places the A-s Logo above team and use a normal O #125