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Winning design #172 by rounin, Logo Design for Technical support logo Contest
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designed by rounin

Project description

Simple but striking. Less is more. The name should give lot of ideas. I want to focus on the technical part. Brain stands for "smarts" or "knowledge". Little as possible focus on the "USA" part. A nice in bedded "graphical" design is what I have in mind and would like to see "evolve". Webpage will be "darker" probably.. Please feel free to surprise me.

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  • This is a step up! My favorite so far. Maybe I'm hang up on the tech font but i love to see if you could make this more "technical" (although I like the font you have.) I like the little stars in front of USA. Maybe some more depth to it like shadowing?
  • Here is a resubmission of my first ( #25 ). I've scaled down the brain, taken away the chrome box and added red stripes to symbolize the American flag. Thank you for your consideration.
  • nice touch with the glasses (:. Make the stripes of the flag red instead. and maybe the black behind the stars it's true blue color. The font is a bit more technical now. Feel free to make it more technical. Also the brain "looks" funny.. More like gigantic eyebrowse or something. Google "brain front" to get an idea what I mean.. More rounder maybe integrate it more with the glasses so it looks like the brain veirs glasses? (like that idea for designer reading this that's something I want to see some versions of) also if possible make the brains natural creases get the circuits like contribution #21 but with circuits.
  • Thanks arorajesh. Ok that is the US flag. But the font is the same. Like it to be more "technical" style the "techbrain" part. Not sure about the chip on the brain.. looks a bit like a spider more than a chip.. Also if possible a more "square" layout instead of the long version would be nice to see.
  • The "tech" part still has the "bars" drop that. Still like the "circuit head" Can u integrate it more maybe? I do like the a's in "brain USA" (also make less emphasis on USA part compered to the "brain tech") but I like to see it more "technical" I don't know if you can keep the As and still make it that way?
  • I like the fact that the brain "feels" a little bit more technical than organic. Maybe it is a little to big in its current form though. Don't particularly lie the boxing of the name. Feels a little hard to read it I want the name to be little bit more "clear".
  • This one is simple. I like it. Maybe it is to simple though. Like to see something also for USA part. Nothing to big or eye catching but there non the less. Font is good. Like to see this more developed what you can do with this. Not like #26 though where the "circuits"? just is placed as a "cross".
  • More technical font. I like the little brain thing in between the fonts but I think it is maybe a little to small. Maybe you can take your bigger brain on the top with the chip in it and have it either in the background or the for ground where the little brain is. The flag feels more "Chile" than US (Not originally from US so might be wrong). Like the idea of it but "different"
  • see previous. No reason for grey background.
  • The brain in the "box" is ok. Don't like the "heavy" box though, a little to much. Don't get the "rainbow" in the brain? less focus on the USA part, smaller. Ok font on the "techbrain".
  • This one has potential. Like the "a" font in "brain usa" I think the little head with circuits can come to better use like to see that kept and worked on. The rest looks like a Cellular phones bars. Don't like that to much.
  • All previous apply. Better place of TB an brain though.
  • The text part is kind of nice in the placement. The color really doesn't look good like that together. like the idea with the TB and brain like that.. But maybe a little to big. Also like it to look more technological. Wrong place for the TB and the brain on top like that, at least in current format.
  • about #22 it's about the connection about the tech and the brain. thank you.
  • Simple but sleek and very modern. Thank you for your consideration.
  • About Design #19 and #20 Clean and Simple Company Logo......Hope you like it....Have a nice day....
  • Again like the brain.. Maybe a different color.. Change everything else.
  • 22
  • I like where this is going..
  • Will do! Thanks again! (: