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Winning design #84 by morabira123, Logo Design for Technical Training Company Needs Simple Eye-Catching Logo Contest
Gold Medal


  • This is a nice design, but the overall effect for me, lacks boldness and strength. The division of the circular element into a top and bottom hemisphere is reminiscent of the Obama campaign logo to my eye. Thanks!
  • Although orange is very appropriate to the locating business, I preferred #46 in blue.
  • This incorporates a nice element in the circle/arcs, with the downward facing arrow. The font is also strong. I prefer this one to #47 with the orange. Not sure what I would offer by way of improvement. Thanks for the submission.
  • Preferred previous. Thanks!
  • Preferred previous. Thanks!
  • This uses three colors, which I'm hoping to avoid and although it's good, I don't prefer it against your others. Thanks!
  • Preferred the other between the two. Avoiding the third color results in cost savings. Thanks
  • Thanks!
  • ...only the left leg of the checkmark would likely need to remain gray for legibility. You're good. Thanks again!
  • This could actually probably take the same treatment I described for #41.
  • I have to describe this carefully, because I don't want you to run out of entries. Could you turn the stylized "T" into a checkmark where the right side of that checkmark rises up through the word locator (creating the vertical line of the letter "T"? You would then need to cross that "T" with an appropriate looking hash that fit the character. This would create an element that includes the circular bullseye at the bottom, a checkmark (I literally check people off as they achieve individual competencies), and would also include the entire name of the company (The Locator School) with the backbone of the "T" in "Locator" used as part of the graphic element. The colors, proportion and style are great. Thanks!
  • Here's a revision from #31 #45 is the same design but the wires are all red
  • Thanks to all of the talented designers who are submitting. Both the process and the results are exceeding my expectations.
  • In that revision, could I also see this without the "summit" cap on the shield?
  • Its against the rules to use colored background unless is a part of the logo or a request from CH. You can resubmit a correct file, thanks.
  • Got your comment about having run out of revisions. Understood. Thanks!
  • Preferred the revision. (Ranked low because the interface won't allow me to select "wrong direction").
  • Preferred the revision. (Ranked low because the interface won't allow me to select "Wrong direction".)
  • Preferred the revision.
  • Could the graphic on the left here be made to feel similar to the one in #17, by changing the teardrop shape to something more aggressive or even by making the bullseye more similar to that in #17? Thanks!