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This was a fantastic experience. I would HIGHLY recommend our developer to anyone. He did a fantastic job not only with the design but with the finalization of our logo after we finished. I'm more than happy. Thank you to all of the designers who did there best to come up with a creative design. We LOVE our logo!!! Scott Knowles President, CEO

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Winning design #375 by lisbongraphics, Logo Design for Technology company looking for a new look. Contest
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designed by lisbongraphics

Project description

We are looking for a new logo to better define what we do as an insurance technology developer but also represent our name SHIFT. SHIFT represents a change of direction or a shift in thinking to move from the past into todays technology needs in the insurance industry. We are looking for out of the box ideas that are simple yet unique. We are open to anything and would like to have some sort of image that we can use as a branding such as APPLE, or SHELL gasoline or as the jaguar represents the jaguar car manufacture. Umbrellas do represent the insurance industry and we may be open to some form of that in a very unique way but not to limit yourself to that idea. Please visit our website to get ideas at

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  • Hey Contest Holder, My design incorporates a number of design elements. First, the changing colours represent a shift or a change. Second, the red triangle pointing to the right symbolises moving forward. Thank you very much for your consideration!
  • Too plain need something more dramatic
  • It's lacking color, depth. Looking for something more original that really stands out
  • Not really what we are looking for but I like how u incorporated our name with a design in the s.
  • I like this. Play around with caps.
  • About #155 , #175 , #176 and #185 Version numbers 1,2,3 and 4 First 2 are matrix with #175 the letter S is included.. Second 2 #176 and #185 are more like shifters which I am sticking with since you maybe mistaken with travelers insurance with the umbrella. Unless otherwise told that you are sure to cancel the shifter idea as a logo. #176 also has umbrellas incorporated into the shifter that can also represent roads. #185 is a 3d version of a shifter with some chrome text. Thanks for reviewing my designs.. Any questions or concerns pls lmk. Aloha
  • Hi CH, This is my fist entry showing simple and attractive form of umbrella. Hope you will like this design. Thanks
  • cad
    Dear CH, I have created #160 and #163. What do you think?
  • Dear CH, My design #158 and #159. Please let me know your opinion. thanks
  • Dear CH please leave your comments about #153.I hope u will like this.i have only one design submission left.if u want to see more deigns from me.hit that button "want to see a revision".
  • any comment to my works............... #147, #143.............................
  • just not digging the red and orange in there.
  • just too plane.
  • hmm. I'm intrigued by a different direction. In insurance the umbrella is usually on top signifying coverage. definable making me think and I like that.
  • I liked it better before. Colors should be along the lines of Blue Silver and black. Maybe make the umbrella not too tall in the old version. I think I was thinking smaller dots like in the example I put up filling in what you already had in the umbrella.
  • Hi CH, looking my update design #148 and #149 using dot on umbrella...
  • I Like it better but use Blue, silver and black.
  • I did not know that you have a limited number of submissions. I like your concept and most everything about it. Maybe make the umbrella image a little smaller and do what I said in my last comment. Then we will have to wait and see. put your best foot forward.
  • angle it more like the other one and sync the color of the dots like the other one.
  • Font seems dated. but I do like the idea of the shifter.