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Winning design #147 by mazyo2x, Logo Design for Technology Company Re-Branding Project Contest
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designed by mazyo2x

Project description

Hello! We currently have a few different variations of our company logo, and we are looking to create one consistent look across the board. For this project, we are looking to have our current logo revised and refreshed. Following this project, we plan to create additional projects for our selected designer to create various product/service icons to go with our new branded look. You will notice that we use a few different names on the logo samples: - US Computer Group - United Systems Computer Group - United Systems We are moving away from old name "US Computer Group" and would like to drop "Computer Group" completely. So, on our new logo, we would like to have it read "United Systems" only. You may also notice that on some (of our newer) logos, we use the tagline: Technology. Results. Partner. It might be nice to see options with the tagline and some without. The star has been an icon throughout all logo variations. It has worked well, but are ready for something new and different. What comes to mind when you think of a technology company? A consulting group? A professional service? We want to see your ideas! Thank you so much for your interest. We're greatly looking forward to the contest entries!

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  • About #80 This my Design for you, hope you like it, give me feedback, for improvement Thanks Adwa
  • good evening CH... thank you very much for the positive feedback.. i submitted the revised design of draft64.. thank you CH....
  • Hi Whelrhoe25! Thank you so much for your design entry. We REALLY like your concept, but at first glance, we see more of an LS rather than a US above United Systems. Do you have any ideas for making the "U" more recognizable? Thank you so much!
  • Hi. Thanks for this contest! I've submitted my design idea (#68). Please let me know what you think. I worked with the concept of "united" merging the first two letters in the second design. It's just another option to consider. I hope it covers your expectations. Regards and thanks again!
  • You are not allowed to use clipart in logo contests. The art you have used is found here: _
  • Hi I kept the lettering and tried some more symbols. Please take a look at #47, #48 #49 and #50 and let me know what you think. Regards Andrei
  • Hi and thanks for your rating and nice words The color shoul've been blue not purple, i mixed up conversions i guess. nevermind, #44 is a simplified version of #13, i got rid of exterior circular outline so isn't reseble too much a soccer ball. I am preparing another one shortly. Regards, andrei
  • Hi CH, I have submitted a design #41 .Please check the design and give feedback. Thank You
  • Hi CH, I have submitted a design #40 .Please check the design and give feedback. Thank You
  • Hi CH, I have submitted a design #39.Please check the design and give feedback. Thank You
  • Hi!! Thanks for the comment and to rate my designs. I've uploaded a new concept. I hope your feedback. Regards.
  • Hi chuaandy, Thank you so much for your entry! I really like how you made the text and the tagline. However, do you have any other ideas for the star? I would like to have an option of a new emblem. Thanks again!
  • Hi Rocky, Thank you for your entry! I like the approach you took on this design. However, do you have any other ideas for the star emblem? Thank you!
  • Hi Aandrei, I really like how you went out of the box with this design entry! I also like your idea of incorporating an image that signifies unity and technology, but this image sort of reminds me of a soccer ball. Can we alter the image at all? Also, can I suggest a color other than purple? Thank you so much!
  • Hi CH I entered your contest with two versions. #12 is based on your old brand, being a refreshment made by using a different font, and by tweaking the star symbol a bit. #13 is a different approach, the symbol used has the meaning of unity, technology. Any feedback and comments would be welcome. Regards Andrei
  • I like how you show what the logo looks like on both light and dark backgrounds. Thank you for your entry!
  • Dear CH, I have submitted #5 before I read your update. I will revise. thank you, DM
  • I actually think the star icon is nice and need minimal work if any at all.
  • Thank, I noticed just now the extended brief, I was getting carried away. :)