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Winning design #140 by mjmdesign, Logo Design for TeddyCub Contest
Gold Medal

designed by mjmdesign

Project description

- Cloth Diapers/Infant Items - TeddyCub as one word and use a sans-serif font - Teddy: RGB 152,55,39 - Cub: RGB 218,144,45 - Basic Teddy Bear line drawing

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  • We like the playfulness of this font but would like a thinner version. We would also like a more abstract bear instead of a full bear.
    • Thanks for the feedback. #32 is with the same font but much thinner. I am working on a more abstract version of the bear :)

  • We do like this concept but without the red outline.
  • We like the idea of a bear in a diaper but the logo has too much height. Possibly if the bear is lying down it would work better.
  • We like the artistic nature but we would like the face more integrated with the logo.
  • Too busy. We like the simplicity of #1 more.
  • We like this font but not capitalized. Maybe small capital would work.
  • #1 is close to what we are looking for. We would like a bear but more abstract than a full bear picture.
  • We really like the bear face...can you resubmit with only capital T & C and maybe try to incorporate the bear face into the letters?
    • I have uploaded a revised version for this #78. Hope you like it:)

  • We like these bears better than your original submission because of the integration of the subtle diaper. Can you make the bear's face less realistic?
    • How about these faces #73? Please could you give a feedback?

  • Like the concept of the bear gripping the text but the teddy bear should be more realistic or subtle. Also can you make the text not all capitals.
    • Can't submit designs anymore. I've reached my maximum number of entries, unless my previous design is rated at least 30 pts which is equivalent for 1 more entry. But of course you don't have to rate it. Hope you'll find the best design here. Tnx for the feedback...=)

  • We like this bear face of your submissions but the font is too muted. Can you use this same font but bolder?
  • We really like the font text but the bear is too muted, Can you have the bear stand out more?
  • We like the face of the bear, but not quite liking how you can't see the two letter D's....can you submit with the face incorporated another way?
  • Can you resubmit with a font closer to the font in entry #49? Also, just capitalize T and C.
  • A lined drawing is a little more what we are looking for...can you resubmit?
  • We like the font of this entry. The outline of the bear in your other entries would work better for what we are looking for.
  • Hi I uploaded #57 and #58, hand-drawn teddy. Feedback is appreciated. Thanks Andrei
  • Hi CH, I uploaded another design #47. Hope you like it. please feedback. Thanks
  • Hello! Could you please give me a feedback about #26? Thank you!
  • Hi there...I uploaded another concept #43 for you to review. Your feedback would be appreciated.. Thanks!