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Winning design #198 by RubanRenato, Logo Design for Telecommunications Company Needs a Logo Facelift Contest
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designed by RubanRenato

Project description

Need a basic branding makeover looking to refresh our image. We feel that maintaining our family name is an important factor since it is highly recognizable in our area and we would like to continue to appeal to our local demographic since most of our business is from personal referral. The terms used to describe our company include the following: Technology/Telecommunications/Carrier Services/Managed Services/Voice/Data/Video Surveillance/Professional/Reliable /Technology integration /Adaptable/Service Oriented/Relationship Builders/Application solutions. Our company will be branded in a technology environment and our slogan has been “Communications Made Easy”. Historically this has not been marketed well and would be willing to change with new logo if a better alternative was provided. The new slogan or existing one does need to be integrated into the logo. A version without the slogan integrated would be needed as well. The red N has always been an easy way for people to recognize our logo and vehicles so it may be wise to retain it in some way? We dislike the gray gradient in our existing logo as it is difficult to replicate and makes for a 3-color logo. We would prefer a 2-color logo if possible and one that is also represented well in black & white when necessary. We are looking for the following applications: • Both horizontal and vertical version of logo w/ whitewashed versions for website footers, PPT footers, and printed materials • Basic business card w/ white background on front with colored logo and content. • PPT concept design on new logo with white background for content area. See design example provided. • Desktop background (provide 2-3 screen size requirements – 1280x800, etc.). Would really like to have a couple basic resolution options. See example provided. Can be as simple as a grey/white background with logo in middle… • Facebook Timeline and inner app design – need both .eps and .png. .png is to use in FB and the .eps is for future editing. Timeline cover image is 850x315 pixels. We have provided some manufacturer images to consider in the cover image. See also the concept examples provided. We would like to consider completing an inner app page as well that is 760 pixels wide by roughly 600-650 pixels high. We have provided a concept design from a friend’s technology company to give you an idea of what we are looking for. Needs to have site navigation for a few major headings (Contact Us, Products, etc.) plus some space for text info, video embed, and contact info on bottom with alternate, non- Facebook social icons in whitewashed versions.

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  • Here is my work.... #51 horizontal orientation , #46 vertical orientation......................
  • #33 and #34 are existing logos
  • Designers - the added examples represent the following for concept ideas... #16 and #17 - PPT design concepts #18 - square formatted logo ratio #19 - horizontal formatted logo ratio #20 - Facebook Timeline Cover Image Concept #21 - Facebook inner app page concept #22 - Desktop background concept #23 thru #29 - image concepts for Facebook Timeline cover and inner app pages
  • yup no circular.. no problem :) i will attempt something new
  • Do you have a different image you could submit and possibly new orientation? Like the color.
  • Do you have an image without an arrow. We are trying to focus on technology and this connotes a financial image to us.
  • All designers please include the Inc so we can see how the spacing will be with a final logo. Thank you.
  • I would like to see something new from you without the circular image please.
  • Hi CH, this my update design without gradient effect, thanks........
  • Thank you for the feedback, I was unaware of the revisions and credits process. Rares could I see something new from you with a different font and image but with the same clean look?
  • We are concerned the gradient will be difficult to replicate on different media as has been our experience with current logo.
  • Hi Normandeu, Please add revision for each. In DesignContest we have only 7 submission. Thanks
  • Does not convey technology, reminds me of Empire of the Sun
  • #5 the image seems more applicable to an airline? I recognize it is a cable surrounding something but no, I do not like the graphic.
  • Don't like this font
  • Don't like font and graphic shows downward arrow
  • Don't like this font and N looks like an H
  • Prefer not to have red/blue combination
  • #4, #3, #2, #1 please remember the Inc for all versions
  • In your professional views would you use the color combinations we have recommended? Please feel free to present color options you feel would work well.