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Winning design #57 by oreth, Logo Design for TELEMEDX (Healthcare Company) Contest
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designed by oreth

Project description

We are Texas based healthcare company that has been around for 36+ years. We are in need of a new look and logo. TELEMEDX is a full service neurodiagnostic processing facility that provides neuro services and neurologist to hospitals. Please visit our website to get a feel of our company and what we do. Keys to our industry is the Brain & Brainwaves. I would also like to have an app icon / bullet point with this logo. Maybe a head with a brain in it or a glowing brain in a circle etc. Any color combination is fine, some preferences below: Bright Orange, Grey & Black or Red, Grey & Black any other color combos are fine...

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  • To plain and simple needs to be more complexed and modern looking.
  • I like this start was really wanting to see it in bright orange/black/grey and lime green/black/grey. Can you make it look a little more professional rather than playful. Thank you looks great though
  • Images #1 & #2, I do not want green and red together. If green is to be used u want it to be lime green not Kelly green. We do not use needles at all and most importantly our company name was misspelled..
  • clipart is not allowed in logo contests. copied design could be found here:
  • Hi there!!, im waiting for ure comments for #2 and #1
  • The medical abbreviation for diagnosis is Dx. Can you elongate one side of the X (left side) and tie it into the D somehow?
  • Looks good can you also submit the same layout with red where the orange is?
  • On the icon, try removing the red / black arrows and having the glowing brain. Can you do it in different colors where the blue is like bright orange or red.
  • Try and put a Brain in the circle, the icon needs to pop more. The Logo itself is old school and needs to be a different font and make it glow or shadow it..
  • Colors not BOLD enough. Need a better icon!!
  • Looks like a tree, take the green out and try to jazz it up.
  • I like the icon, can you make one with bright orange where the red is? The name logo is too plain and needs to be jazzed up
  • I like the logo can you do one switching the red to bright orange? Also can you make the icon with the same bright orange background with a black head and white brainwave.
  • Not bad either maybe you can have some black / squiggly lines (brainwaves) come off the back of the colors but the green isn't doing it for me. Can you make an icon with the head and brain in a circle. Needs to pop and make the oval pop more.
  • Good beginning but need more out of it. Font is rather plain and boring. Colors look good but need more glow, shadow or something out of the font. I like the icon but maybe the head can be centered on it and it also have some type of glow effect...
  • I like the logo but want it to pop more. I also need a icon for either a bullet point or app icon. Can you look at making some color changes to bright orange, grey & black? Maybe the font could have a glow, shadowed or something to that effect.
  • I like the design, the font doesn't woo me and I would like those if you can make it pop a little more. Maybe have a glow to it or shadowed effect or something like that. The button is a great start, instead of going to yellow what if it transformed to black or dark grey?
  • Hello Contest Holder. I would appreciate some feedback on my design (#17) Thank you!
  • Hi, matt11. #10 & #12 incorporate the brain/brainwave aspect & the icon is simple and recognizable enough to use as a bullet for presentations. Please let me know if you'd like me to tweak anything about the design ... colors, fonts are easily changeable. Thanks!