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designed by MES

Project description

I'm in need of a logo design for me new venture: Telltale Tots.  Its a preschool class that encourages children's imaginations, and is designed to get them excited about making stories and customising their own books (arts and crafts).  Since there is nothing else like it, I really want the logo to encompass the magic and diversity involved in making up stories.  I envisage a logo that is an open book, with colourful imagery bursting out (e.g. rainbow, clouds, birds flying, a rocket, stars , a treasure chest...literally anything that says fun and anything is possible), with a big pair of scissors almost cutting it up, and/or a felt-tip colouring a part of it in. Lots of bright colours would be great.  The name Telltale Tots should be bold.

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  • About #29, @KreativzStudio I do really like this- it really gets across the whole idea of Telltale Tots.  Could we also colour the sun in, and make the clouds a bit bigger.I wouldn't mind seeing some more pictures too.  :0) 
    • @kirstie117 yeah! I can make the changes but not today :( can send tomorrow? Thanks for the feedback! Best regards!

    • @kirstie117 Kristie everybody ok? I hope so! yesterday was the house of my father in law and was no computer . Can I submit to you the changes now? Thank you!

  • Please feedback on #36 thanks :)
  • Please #37
  • I made the other stuffs around the bear bigger and rearranged it a little bit. #36
  • Yay! I really like the teddy bear! Could resize some of the other things around/behind him? How will the resolution be if this is blown up on a poster? Thanks! #34
    • About #34, @kirstie117 it'll be fine because these are all in vector or in illustrator file. 

  • About #34, @kumoto @kirtstie117 it'll be fine because these are all in vector or in illustrator file. 
  • About #18, @Octagon Hi!  I have been getting some really good feedback from friends and family on this design.  I'm just not sure if it looks a little 'girly' - on some of the other designs, incorporating a rocket/robot really works well.  I really like the text, but could you change the yellow letter?  I want to make sure it would stand out from a distance.  Thanks.
  • how bout teddy? :) #34
  • Not sure about the treasure chest... again I'm not sure its obvious enough... any other ideas? :0) #28
  • New option with more colors. Hope you like! Thanks for the feedback! Best regards #29
  • Hi, I changed the sword into a treasure chest and a flag. Hope you like it. #28
  • Really like this. I'd like to see the drawings in different colours - perhaps one or two could be coloured in too? Would also like to see the rainbow with slightly thicker lines. #27
    • About #27, @kirstie117 Ok ! I send a new option! Thanks for feedback!

  • Had some more feedback from other people. what is the long pole thing? #25
    • @kirstie117 hi, it is a sword that is struck on the ground. :)

    • @kumoto Ah okay. I'm not sure its obvious enough - the logo will be blown up on a big poster, so I need it to be obvious. Could we maybe try a different image? This is still my favourite so far :0)

  • This is really good - I really like the style. Just a couple of points: I'd probably lose the muddy puddle. I'm also not sure about whether the unicorn right in the middle makes it more girly. Do you have any other unisex characters to try? #26
  • with children style draws. basic colors for easy assimilation. Hope you like! Please send a feedback. Thanks! #27
  • Really like the rocket! Not sure about the brown letters... perhaps we could stick to red, blue, orange, pink, purple and green? #22
  • made another with 2 rockets on it. Enjoy. :) #24
  • Hi Kirstie - here's a water color approach:) #23
  • This is my favourite so far. I have got some feedback from some other people. Three things: 1. the yellow letters get a bit lost, so could you change to a darker colour? 2. A small rocket somewhere in the background would be great. 3. The book pages could be more defined with slightly darker grey lines - so that its 100% clear its a book. #14
  • Really like the colours and... and the blue font. I'd probably lose the Be Creative text... It looks like it's the name of the company rather than telltale tots. #7
    • About #7, @kirstie117 Made some revisions!