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Winning design #132 by LeeXei, Logo Design for Temecula Center for Integrative Medicine (TCIM) Contest
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designed by LeeXei

Project description

Would love to see a logo similar to the one we uploaded including a labyrinth which is symbolic of our clinic. I like the labyrinth in a square, not standing alone and off center like one attached. Looking for a logo that will clearly identify our brand and evoke the emotion of community and bringing people together with one purpose in mind…Health! Our Integrative Medical Clinic is the first of its kind in our area, but we are much more than just a medical clinic offering primary care, chiro, acupuncture, naturopathy, vitamin and supplement sales, etc. We are a group of likeminded people that are going to be out in the community changing the paradigm of healthcare in America. We are passionate about life, health, and already have a huge following. We are in the process of creating an amazing brand that we hope will help change people’s lives forever. People come to us when they have tried traditional medicine and find themselves in poor health. Our focus is on total wellness, meaning mind, body and spirit. BUT! And it's a big BUT! We do NOT want to look like every other wellness center out there, because that is NOT what we are. Every integrative center uses green, blue and some combination of leaves and clip art people in their logos. Those logos leave you feeling (YAWN!!) uninspired. We have actual Medical Doctors treating chronically ill patients which is unique to most integrative clinics. Our clients range from children to the elderly, but our focus is on being different than other healthcare providers. Our patients get 30-45 minutes with a medical doctor, each office visit! We do nutritional counseling, lifestyle coaching, detoxification and more. Our logo needs to symbolize integration (bringing together western and eastern medical philosophies) but also bringing together like minded people. I would love the logo to make people feel inspired when they see it to change the way they view their health. We will be travelling around the country giving seminars, having booths and health fairs, partnering with retail chains like wholefoods and sprouts, etc. I have hopes that the logo will capture the essence of the people it represents, but also draws likeminded people to us. Our clinic is state of the art, patients and doctors use iPads and have full access to their health records through our online portal. So please be creative. I don't want to stay in the health and wellness box, so any and all colors and combinations are welcome. It's an open canvas for you to get creative. Sorry for writing so much! : ) Thank you in advance for taking on this challenge!

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  • My last design was uploaded due to a mistake , i apologize for that , Kind checkout my new design #10, Thank you :)
  • Looks too political, like republican vs. democrat here in US.
  • I like the thought, but it looks too much like a school or learning institute. Not medical at all. Thanks though!
  • Please do check entry #29. I thought of a simple image, a man hugging the medical sign (red cross) symbolizes the man is hugging his health... Please tell me what design you want us to come up with, or if you wanna see something specific, like the colors, and the fonts...
  • Hello Erik :) I just submitted entry #95 :) kindly check it...
  • Hello Erik, I've just uploaded my entries, two solutions for one theme: the first logo #81 is the base design, the second one #82 shows an other option if the slogan must be integrated within the logo. Feel free to comment, i should be glad to know your opinion. Thank you!
  • Hi Erik, please find my submission to this brief #80 for your consideration. Please feel free to make comment for any revisions you may see fit. All feedback taken onboard generously. Many thanks
  • Hello Erik, I've just submitted my entry (#76). Please let me know if you are interested in any revisions/modifications, I would be happy to tailor it to your vision. Thank you!
  • HI CH, This is my first submit entries, please ceck my design and concept #75 . Thanks you :) Regard Kurniawanariif
  • To all designers You can't use a red cross in your entries. The contestholder will not be able to copyright or trademark any design with a red cross in it. Thank you
  • I really like this one, thoughtful, integrated, balanced. The front runner for me at this point. Hope the others like it as much as I do.
  • Is it supposed to be TCIM as the tree? If so, we love it! But can you make it look more bold and allow the letters to stand out more?
    • Thanks for your comments. Kindly check my revised designs.Hope you like it... god bless

    • HI..sori for the late revision fo my design..i only work my design at the inter cafe i dont have any pc..am reli sori for it..anyway i just passed my new revised design hope you like it...thnks a lot


  • Can you take the dot off? I know it will eliminate the person in the center, but maybe it will look great with just the leaves in an integrative swirl. : ) Thanks!!
    • |--|

      eriklundquistmd {*wrote*}:
      Can you take the dot off? I know it will eliminate the person in the center, but maybe it will look great with just the leaves in an integrative swirl. : ) Thanks!!
      |--| Thanks for your comments. Kindly check my revised designs. Let me hear your thoughts. Thanks a lot.

  • Hi Everyone! We are extending it one more week. We feel that we are close, the remaining have been selected as finalists, but new entries are always welcomed. Creative use of TCIM is encouraged and something that is versatile like the remaining logos.
  • This has been selected as a finalist! A lot of people think it looks like a dinosaur if you look at the leaves portion. Can you try to make the body stand out more? I really like this one the best, but it needs a few slight changes to allow us to pick it as a winner. Your other design is good, so maybe something creative in the middle of the two?
  • We have selected this as a finalist, but would love it if you could modify it. It is between this and one other. Can you put a circle around it, and make the palm tree style thicker and more bold?
  • Hi, I originally submitted a labyrinth entry (#96) now I modified it a little bit to fit your description, it's #108. Please let me know if you'd like to see further adjustments. Thanks.
  • To all designers... Please go the brief and look at the uploaded file from the contestholder, contestholder would like something like that uploaded file
  • Also, can you send in a format not on paper?
  • Can you make the person in the center a different color. People are saying it looks like a dinosaur head curled up. Maybe a few dots down the chest of the person to draw the attention to the person as opposed to the leaves. This is the one!! So excited.