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I am very pleased with the final logo. DesignContest.com provides a fantastic services. I found it an addictive experience and I wish we could use multiple logos!

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Winning design #116 by winters, Logo Design for TerraLuma UAV R&D Contest
Gold Medal

designed by winters

Project description

The TerraLuma research and consultancy group in the School of Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of Tasmania develops unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for civilian environmental remote sensing applications and aerial surveys. UAVs offer an exciting new technique for ultra-high resolution remote sensing observations of the Earth surface. This project aims to develop UAV capabilities, based on state-of-the-art sensors and image processing techniques. These novel environmental remote sensing tools will be used to map and monitor natural ecosystems, agricultural areas, mine sites, and other environments at an unprecedented level of detail. In doing so, we fill a niche between field observations and full-scale airborne or satellite observations. We are a research group of two academics, five PhD students, and two technical officers. Our primary focus is on research and development, but we have a strong interest in research commercialisation. We are currently working on a new website and Powerpoint template and we want a new logo that expresses what we are about. Our initial commercialisation goal is to provide a consultancy service for surveying firms, mining managers and mine geologists, farmers and vineyard managers interested in precision agriculture and viticulture, and local government and resource managers interested in mapping the natural environment in great detail. What we look for in a logo: • TerraLuma is about “illuminating the land” or “shedding light on the land” in that we use multiple state-of-the art sensors flying on a UAV to find out more about the environment or map the Earth surface. • The logo should be modern and relatively abstract. • The logo could/should contain several components: o Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: either an OktoKopter or fixed-wing UAV (see photos in the attached files for examples) o Land depicted as abstract rolling hills, representing the different target applications or clients. o A sensor cone or beam connecting the UAV to the land o These criteria or NOT strict. We are open to creative suggestions! • Examples of logos or images that convey a similar message can be found on http://www.mavinci.eu/ (main page, left image) and http://skyviewsolutions.com.au/ (top-right). • The name of our group/company “TerraLuma” should be part of the logo, but we should be able to use the logo without the name as well. • We should be able to use the logo on our new webpage: http://www.terraluma.net/new/ replacing the “TerraLuma” text in the top banner. The colours should work with this webpage. • The background of the logo should be transparent so that it can be used with different webpage styles. • We should be able to use the logo in our Powerpoint template (provided in the attached zip-file). The colours can be different from the web logo.

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  • Dear CH, i just submitted a draft of my design.. #1.. I would really appreciate a feedback from you. I'm very much open for revisions. Thanks!!
  • The UAV looks too much like a military drone. We are about environmental mapping and civilian use of UAVs.
  • I like the font and colour of this logo. I wonder if the logo could be made bigger than the text. I would prefer to see the sensor beam that you have in the green version. The UAV could be slightly more pronounced, otherwise the 'arrow' might look too much like a wave. I like the concept though. Thanks. Arko
  • I like the font and colour of this logo. I wonder if the logo could be made bigger than the text. I would prefer to see the sensor beam that you have in the green version. The UAV could be slightly more pronounced, otherwise the 'arrow' might look too much like a wave. I like the concept though. Thanks. Arko
  • I like the font in this logo. The logo itself is quite small and it might be difficult to convey the UAV message, but I do like the concept. Thanks, Arko
  • I like the motors and props as part of the 'A', very creative. I just think it might be a little bit too subtle. The stripes could be representative of a sensor swath or they are very typical for the Tasmania tiger, which could work well for us. Thanks, Arko
  • Nice design. I like the OktoKopter as part of the logo, but I would like to see a slightly more abstract OktoKopter. There is perhaps too much detail in logo. The same applies to your landscape type logo. I like it as well, but a slightly more abstract version could work better. Thanks. Arko
  • Two or max three colours is fine. Thanks, Arko
  • hi CH! do you prefer a colorful logo or a single colored one?thanks
  • CH— Please let me know if you have suggestions or critiques of my design, #4. Thank you, schwede9
  • This is a nice abstract logo. Is it easy to change the colours (e.g. make it lighter for the dark website background)? I would also like to more strongly convey the message of "shedding light on the landscape/environment". Thanks. Arko
  • I like the way that "luma" has been lit. The L of luma should be upper-case. UAV R&D should be removed. I'd prefer a metalic blue over green. It would be nice to see something related to a UAV in the logo. Thanks. Arko
  • Great logo. It's nice to see how you picked up on the direct and indirect comments. The mountain silhouette in the background works well. Thanks. Arko
  • I prefer the logo without the moon
  • The font is too much Terminator-like and the centre of the UAV looks like part of a ring. A bit too much computer-game like...
  • I think the 8 disks make it a little bit too busy. I still like it, but I am not sure what to suggest to change it. Perhaps rotate the rotor disks, so that the perspective is slightly more from the side (oblique)?
  • I don't understand the "shark".
  • Great logo! I would like to see the blue squares replaced by a grid pattern, representing pixels in an image. The pixels in the image capture the landscape. A slightly cleaner font (I like the shininess though) and slightly more abstract rotors could work as well. Thanks. Arko
  • #55, #56, #58, #59, #60, #61 Hi, please check my design and give a feedback if I'm on the right way. Hope you like it! Regards,
  • #57 and #50 Hi, I'm really glad that you like my work. I've made the changes with the OktoKopter and already uploaded it. I think it's usable, understandable/readable in a smaller size too. If you like this color palette, I will show you some examples how I imagined to use it on your new website. Have a nice day! Regards, winters