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Winning design #37 by finestroke, Logo Design for The Uncommon Human Contest
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designed by finestroke

Project description

We are looking for a logo for our business "The Uncommon Human LLC". Our business is built on selling products that will help individuals become truly uncommon in every aspect of their life. We will sell digital products, apparel, and provide consulting services. We'd like the logo to be used on the website, business cards, Tshirts, and for posters and banners. We are driven towards a symbol that captures the nature of our business. Our products will be for those people looking for ways to make their life more efficient and productive. The owners are all of a military background so we are open to symbols involving the military. The products will range from financial guidance to physical development and leadership coaching. Some symbols that might be involved somehow would be da vinci sketches, north seeking arrow, atlas, spartans, swords, daggers, arrowheads, arrows, etc. Also, it can be "The Uncommon Human", or "The Uncommon Human LLC". Maybe Da Vinci's Man within a compass? Or, a north seeking compass with the N in Uncommon being the N for North.

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  • Hallo... CH..., Please check my entri # 9 , Any feedback will be helpful. Thanks
  • #1 is my impression of a gladiator helmet. Thankyou
  • hallo... CH..., I tried another design, Please check my entri # 18 , Any feedback will be helpful. thanks
  • This design is great! I think you are getting close to what we want I would like to see something a little less aggressive. Could you shoot us some ideas with a different color scheme that isn't so... Harsh or scary. Maybe tone down the color pallet or adjust the eyes To make them less aggressive. Also try bringing the bottom tongs of the H in a little bit to make them look more like a spartan helmet? Or make them wider? You are the best entry so far for sure.
    • Hi Trevor, thanks for the feedback, pls check my revised #28. I hope you like it. Thank you!

  • Hi trevorshirk, I have #24 and #25 badge, I am focused on full badge style, modern and luxury. In one of this badge, you have a full name of your company, and one as shape badge. I am not sure for the colors and style of badge, but I am open for other ideas if necessary. Thanks, krisdesign
  • Awesome. If you could submit any other variations or versions please do. Really like it.
  • Not sure about the legs. Looks confusing and cluttered.
  • Hi CH, Just want you to give this option #37, a more similar version to my #20 entry.
  • Can you create one that is all black. I'd like to see what it looks like. Thanks.
    • Hi CH, Pls check the all black version on my design entry #36. Hope you like it. Thank you!

    • Awesome, I love it.

    • Thank you very much Trevorshirk, Im glad you liked the idea.