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Winning design #116 by hollander, Logo Design for Testforce Systems Inc. www.testforce.com Contest
Gold Medal

designed by hollander

Project description

We are looking for an update to our existing logo to incorporate our 25th anniversary in 2016. That is the Testforce logo should be the main visual with the anniversary graphic integrated within.

Designs can also be submitted as a completely separate graphic provided that the Testforce logo is incorporated within the new graphic image. 

Key facts:
Company founded in 1991
25th Anniversary
Testforce brand suitable for business worldwide
Main markets are technology based

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  • About #116, @hollander nice concept. simple and clean.
    • Thanks, I'm glad you liked it About #116, @tony2

  • Here is our logo design. Let us know what you think. Thank you. #104
  • Hi Tony just added entry #98 #99 & #100 hope you like it, thanks
  • curved endings of number 2 & 5, just like the curve of the logo testforce #99
  • About #76, @skydesig looks interesting. can you redo using the actual testforce logo instead of text. Also in place of anniversary, please use "years" and/or "ans" Thanks.
  • logo #93
  • logo #92
  • About #80, @digitalmojito nice design. very clean and easy to read.
  • logo #90
  • logo #87
  • dear CH, please check my enties #65, #66, #67, #68, #69. hope you'll like it. thanks
  • Any feedback is welcome. #53 #54
    Also i made several versions, for comparison. #58 #57 #56 #55
  • Hello tony, I made a new design with a festive effect , like fireworks. Best Regards! #52
  • Thank you for feedback. I would like to get the optimal solution. I think we need a well designed solution, not a conformist idea. Any recommendation is welcome.
    #39 #40 #41
    • @ursachio this is certainly going in the right direction. I will review with my team.

    • @tony2 Thank you for encouragement. Any recommendation is welcome. I think how to improve our design. Regards!

  • interesting concept. not sure we like the idea of breaking up our main logo. perhaps a version of your design but integrate testforce #46
  • #47 hello, check my entry. thanks.
    • @katemsks looks to much like our 20th anniversary emblem. we need something a little more creative.

  • May be? #48
    • @BigZed interesting concept. I will review with my team.

  • your design is an interesting concept that we like. Perhaps consider making the 2 & 5 in silver with the rest of our logo its native blue color. we can remove anniversary as we need to use "years" and "ans" instead. #30
  • looks great although I think the outer circle and other colors are taking away from the 25 and testforce logo. suggest we simplify it by removing these elements to focus on the 25 and testforce logo. well done! #29
  • Hello tony2, Instead he word "annivesary" I wrote years , with a font similar to the previous logo. My idea is to use the letters e and s representing the number 25. In this way the logo remains compact and can be used for promotional site for any support (plastic, glass or print).
    Best Regards! #37