Teton Clean Cans & Power Washing Service

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Winning design #21 by graphman, Logo Design for Teton Clean Cans & Power Washing Service  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by graphman

Project description

Garbage can cleaning business. 

Muscle garbage can man with a power washer on a shoulder and brush in other hand.  Bubbles behind it or around it. Please leave out power washing service. We want the emphasis to be Teton Clean Cans 

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  • About #19, @graphman good work.
    • @freeudy we want both of your designs. The blue can from 19 and also 20. How does that work?

    • @freeudy When the contest goes into finalization stage. I will send you the file you need.

  • It took me awhile. I reworked the designs, as you requested. Thank you. #19
  • About #15, @graphman maybe a side by side of this face no hat and one with bigger eyes/facial expression if possible....thanks
  • Can you change the black to a blue and a green can? Thanks #11
  • Same thing here, just change the face and no hat please thanks #15
  • About #4, @Asiral could you take power washing service out an leave the orange circle without words?? Thanks
  • The face. I would like a happy look like #4. Also no hat please. Everything else is perfect. Love the concept. Thanks #16
  • We love this design but could you change the garbage can man to look like #4?? #16
    • @freeudy I'm sorry. I may be confused. Were you referring to my design or the other artist? Lol.

  • Sure. You mean as far as facial expression?... Like bigger, rounder eyes?
  • Hello! I hope you will like it. If you need any changes, let me know please. Sincerely, Kristina. Thanks. #17
  • Green can. #16
  • Hi, I hope you like it. I put a couple of mock ups together for you. Thank you! #15
  • Could you replace the man with a muscled garbage can man and delete power washing service? #2
  • We like the garbage can man, but really like the lettering of your first logo. Could you combine Teton Clean Cans from your first design with this garbage can man. Move the brush down a little and just leave out power washing service altogether. Please and thank you for your designs #3
  • Would really like a garbage can man. Less emphasis on power washing service. We are a garbage can cleaning business but also do power washing. Love how Teton looks like water, more emphasis on clean cans. Love the color. #2
  • Garbage can cleaning business
  • Garbage can cleaning business