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Winning design #69 by sjkelly07, Logo Design for Texas Card Club Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sjkelly07

Project description

My family and friends enjoy playing cards.  We are looking to create a logo to put on our poker table and possible embroider on polo shirts.

Some general ideas:
1.  The Texas State Flag and put the red heart and red diamond in the white stripe of the flag.  Put the black spades and clubs in the red stripe of the flag.  Put "Texas" outside of flag on the top.  Put "Card Club" on the outside of the flag at the bottom.

2.  The outline of Texas.  In the inside of the outline put black spade at 12 o'clock, put red heart at 3 o'clock, put black club at 6 o'clock, and put red diamond at 9 o'clock.  Put "Texas" on an arch outside top of outline.  Put "Card Club" on an arch on the outside bottom of the outline.

3.  Two large cards (Ace of Spades and Ace of Hearts)sticking out from outline of the state of Texas.  With Texas Card Club in the outline of the state of Texas.

4.  OUtline of the state of Texas:  Put "Texas" on line 1, inside the outline.  Put "Card Club" on line 2, inside the outline.  Put suites of cards on line 3--spades, heart, club, diamond.

5.  The Texas State Flag.  Put "Texas" in the white stripe.  Put 'Card Club" in the red stripe.  Remove the white star in the blue stripe and replace with a white spade, a white heart, a white diamond, and a white club

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  • This will be the winning design. We just need to finalize the final font.

    I am not sure how to get more proofs and pay you now that the contest is over.

    • About #80, @mmp22 Hi, that's great, if you select this the winner, there is a finalization period, where I can do further changes for you. SJK

    • About #80, @mmp22 Hi i'm online now, so if you would like to continue with the logo, please select mine as the winner and I can send you any changes. Regards SJK

  • Close.

    Here is a link for the Texas Rangers baseball team logo.

    • About #83, @mmp22 Hi Sir, I have looked into it and the Texas Rangers logo is actually trademarked, so we would be unable to use the exact logo or font. I would suggest using one of the fonts that I have selected, which is similar but not trademarked. Hope this helps. SJK

  • Design One makes use of the following elements the Texas Flag represented as a table, the Texas colors shown boldly a outline of the Texas Map within the Table Flag structure creating a unity. #87
  • Once again, thank you for the feedback. I hope we are close to what you are looking for.
    SJK #83
  • Thank you.

    I like what you did with 77, 78, and 79.

    I know I want to keep Card Club the way it is.

    I am not sure which font the Texas Rangers baseball team uses but let's use that font for Texas. It is a lot like 79 but the "A" is not nearly as wide.

    On the black bachground, could you put Texas in red and card club in white? #80
  • Hi @mmp22
    Version #80 is on the different backgrounds as requested
  • Hi @mmp22
    These 3 entries have variations of a similar font #77, #78, #79, let me know what you think
  • #69 is still my favorite.

    Showing that it still looks clean and crisp in just one color like in #70 is important.

    Can you put #69 with a black background? Keep the red, red and change the black to white.

    Can you put #69 with a red background? Keep the black, black and change red to white. #76
  • About #75, @sjkelly07

    I like everything about it except the X.

    Can you make all four points of the X the same? Top Left and bottom Right keep. Change Top Right and bottom left.
    • @mmp22 Revised entry #76 Thanks SJK

  • Hi @mmp22
    Not to sure where we're at now :) here are entries #74, #75
  • Sorry to have wasted your time on that one. I still like #69 the best.

    Could you change the font in #69 to match the one in #55? #73
  • Please add the same box as #69 to this design. #66
  • Please use the font from #55 with this layout.

    If possible, eliminate the exaggerated "X" of Texas and "R" of card. Have all the letters the same height. #69
  • Thank you.

    Lets put a variation on this design.

    Make all the suites supersize and put the company name in the middle of them.

    Make the red heart and red diamond really big. Then put "Texas" in black though the middle. TE and held of X in the red heart. Put the other half of X and AS in the the red diamond.

    In the black spade put Card in white. In the black club but Club in white.

    Thus eliminate the outline of the card and just make the suites gigantic as the background.
    • @mmp22 Not sure if this is what you had in mind #72
      Thanks SJK

    • @sjkelly07 Close. I just was curious. I do not like it better then your design with just the simple box.

  • @mmp22 Thank you for the feedback, please find revised entries #71
  • Yes, I like this.

    Clean. Simple. Straight forward. The box around it just ties it all together. #69
    • About #69, @mmp22 Thats great, feel free to make further suggestions. SJK

  • Could I see this with card club just centered and the font slightly enlarged.

    I need a little more emphasis on that this is a card club.

    This it can go the entire length of the word Texas or even be a little longer if need be #59
    • @mmp22 Thank you for the feedback, please find revised entries #66, #67, #69, #70

  • Could I see what this design looks like with a red background and also a black background? #55
  • Hi @mmp22
    Thank you for the comments, please find entries #55, #56, #57, #58, #59
  • Just an idea:
    Oversized red heart and red diamond next to each other. Then through the center of them have Texas in black.
    Next line is oversized black space and black club. In the space put Card in white. In the club put club in white.

    Get it club written in an oversized club? #50