Texas Microgrid

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Project description

We are seeking a logo for a business called Texas Microgrid. It is also commonly known as "TMG"

Texas Microgrid provides reliable backup generation to commercial and industrial customers throughout Texas. The Company operates highly reliable and ultra-clean distributed natural gas engines, providing customers with a cost-effective solution for keeping the lights on during grid outages.

The logo should be designed such that it can have a landscape and portrait orientation. 

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  • Hi submitting revised draft, hope you may like. Changes if needed can be done as per your request. Thank you! #366, #367, #368
    Icon Concept- Star+ Power symbol.
  • Here's another one exemple that I've maded, I hope that you like it, please feel free to contact me if there's something to modify, thanks. @tim_robinson #358
  • Sir, I appreciate your positive reply. #357
  • Sir, please check it. #356
  • please in check and feedback me #354
  • You might want to take a look at this: http://www.gtgraphics.org/genericlogos.html
  • simple TMG lettermark logo design. Please check this entry. #348
  • I hope you like it sir #344
  • check my design.
    thank. #330
  • Hi, hope you like it, and let me know if you need anything, thank you. #311
  • About #272, @fikky ok sir..i will do it right away
  • Hi there. Could you please try this again and make the "TEXAS MICROGRID" font a little bigger?

    Also, try with just a navy blue #127
  • Hello, ch.
    Please give me your feedback for better design.

    Best Regards #309
  • Hi Fikky, could you please try a some different fonts. Some less futuristic fonts. thanks! #272
  • check my design.
    thank. #305
  • Dear sir,This is creative design.If you want to need any change please advice me. #294
  • please Sir check y entry..if you need any change then i ill change it
  • Hi, this version is also nice and dynamic while also being nice and inviting. I like how the red is incorporated into the star and how the color in the font forces the viewer to read into the over all design. Thank You! #276
  • Hi, thank you for the opportunity to assist you in your logo development. After studying your brief and viewing your other fantastic entries, I wanted to do something a little different, something that will grab the viewers attention. I like the stylized star element as it is nice and unique and very memorable. The font was used for it's readability and how it enhances the design element. Thank You! #275
  • please check #268