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Texas Water Conservation Association (TWCA) has had the same logo for more than 50 years and we would like to move to a completely new logo. Our current website is www.twca.org. We are an association of water professionals and work at the state legislature, so the logo should be on the more serious and simple side of things. If possible, we'd like the logo to include TWCA and some image that could be shown alone or with the acronym. We'd also like to be able to put the full organization name in small print with the logo. I am attaching an image of other logos in our field - we would like to distinguish ourselves from those logos. I do think our members like Texas being incorporated somehow into the logo. 

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  • The blue color is a water and the green color is a leaf,sustainable water and nature #83
  • Hi, let me know if you need anything, thank you. #82
  • New concept #61
  • New version #60
  • Hi! Here's my other design. Hope you like it. Please give any comments. Thanks #59
  • Hello! This my design, hope you like it. Please feel free to give comments. Thanks #58
  • New version #57
  • About #14, @nicolets , I love this design and design #13! Is there a way to do them in a sans serif, maybe more modern font? Thank you!
    • @TWCA hi CH.. thank you for this great feedback.. i will submit revised design with modern fonts.. thanks and regards....

    • @TWCA hi CH... latest entries are #51 #52 #53 #54... feel free to check and message CH... thanks...

  • New color #46
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  • Dear CH,
    I hope you like my design.
    Thank You :) #38
    • @robert_f_wijaya Do not you think it's very similar to my design?