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I am thrilled with the customer service I recieved from the site and the designer. I had what was a fairly detailed, labor intensive, design and a specific vision and the site and the designer were extremely responsive and cooperative in helping me get exactly what I wanted. I'm a truly satisfied customer!


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Winning design #7 by acid, Logo Design for The Animal Farm Contest
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designed by acid

Project description

Artists, I am adding this opening paragraph after having the contest up for several days and having very few submissions. I have described below an idea I had for the logo, but its just an option. I am not a graphic artist and don't want you to feel restricted be my narrow parameters. Please feel free to go sick and surprise me with your creativity. I am just the sort of guy to see something I hadn't even imagined and be like, "That's the stuff!" So, read below, but don't let it tie your hands. "The Animal Farm" is the name of the fitness program at the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/MMA school where I teach. I was in the US Marine Corps and will be running a fitness program based on the principles of Marine fitness...tailored to the martial arts and fighting. I want the logo to reflect both the USMC and BJJ. There is a rather iconic cartoon bulldog with a drill instructor hat that is easy to recognize, and everyone knows what a black belt is, to I was thinking something that contained these concepts. I just uploaded a rough sketch of what I'm imagining. Feel free to get creative with this using various fonts and colors in the pallet suggested. I terrible with faces, but the bulldog should look angry/aggressive. The expression should be conveyed using minimal clean bold lines like I've done with the rest. The shape of the Marine Corps emblems on the hat and the "tattoo" should be clear and the fact that the bulldog is wearing a black belt should be obvious.

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  • fifalegend Please follow the rules and guidelines no contact outside of the contest. The contestholder can upload the file for you to download from the contest Brief.
  • Hi, do you have a picture of the bulldog with a drill hat on to include in the logo?
    • Also, do you want 'animal farm' written on the logo

    • My avatar pic here has the bulldog. Maybe wearing a shirt with "The Animal Farm" on it and wearing a black belt. I'd also like the words "strength", "conditioning", "fitness" framing the logo.

    • Also, I'd like the perspective of the bulldog to be more head-on than angled like it is in the pic.

    • Do you have a larger pic of that bulldog to send me.

    • No, I don't. I don't want the picture itself used, just as an idea for the concept.

  • Looks good. We'll study on it and let you know.
  • How about the hat? Can you drop the front so that it looks like its low over the eyes and you see the top side of the brim instead of the bottom? And let's try one with the words in the frame a little different. Let's add "The Animal Farm" along the bottom in a slightly smaller font than the other three words "Strength Fitness Conditioning" around the top in a larger font. I like the font style: simple and easy to read .
  • Okay, take out "The" on the shirt wording and make "Animal Farm" as large as possible. Also, you misspelled "Fitness".
    • okay, sorry. please see my new draft #6 . i have fix it :)

  • Why don't you also try making the blue stripe with the lettering wider, and making the three big words larger and leave the other three smaller.
    • Sorry, i retain collar, because if i lose looks odd. I just raise more head up. I think it good solution. But if you not want it i can replace it again.check #5

  • Also, on one end of the belt, could you add a red tab about 1/3 the length of the loose end and add like 2 white stripes on the red part? And "The Animal Farm" on the T-shirt, could we make that more prevalent?
    • okay, please see my last draft #4 . I've added a red on belt with 2 white stripes and changed writing the animal farm

    • Perfect. Looks better with no ears as well. If you want, drop the "The" off T-shirt altogether and just make "Animal Farm" bigger. Love the tats. Also, let's lose the collar and that will make more room for the lettering.

  • I really like it a lot. I think maybe no ears showing above the cover. And instead of the cover showing as slightly back, make it slightly forward. Cover means hat in Marine lingo, by the way.
  • Contest Holder, My first submission is based on what you asked for. I was going to make a second that takes a similar, but less complex approach. Feedback would be much appreciated. Semper Fi
    • Not bad! Definitely on track. No ears showing above the cover on the dog for sure. The perspective on the cover is that it is slightly back, and I'd like it slightly forward. More aggressive expression on the face. The emblems are perfect.

    • Maybe make the eyes red and drop the brows a bit. I like your notion of simpler too. I'd like someone to do one that has almost calligraphy-type lines that create this image not as "cartoony".

    • I'll get to work on revisions. What are your thoughts about taking out the body and just having a head? I can still incorporate the whole martial arts theme still, obviously. I just think it would be a lot less busy without a body.

    • I need the black belt to be in there. Plus, its a fitness program and the muscled body is the FIRST thing anyone glancing at it will notice.

  • Will have a crack at it! I have designed the dog, collar etc.. About to design the body and emblem ;)
    • Excellent! Can't wait!

  • Dear CH, please consider to check on #13 #14 as you requested in the design brief. I hope you like it. Thank you